Taylor Swift Puts Feets on Necks

tumblr_static_72cr8s29pk8480084okc4gwg4…cause baby,
now we got bad blood?
so taylor swift is not to be played with.
don’t let the doe eyes and blonde hair fool ya.
she has a lot of industry pull.
i think she is some sort of secret agent.
or a pimp.
so ye has a song i love called “famous” on his new album.
it features rihanna,
but he has some lyrics going at taylor swift.
he said:

i feel like me and taylor might still have sex
why? i made that bitch famous (God damn)
  i made that bitch famous

giphy…say what; say what?
she was all smilin’ up in his face,
getting apologies,
and this is the thanks she gets?!

this is what she said when she accepted her grammy award for #aoty
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