are bey and jay having a first world problem?

so a lot of nonsense happened at the grammys last night.
some things i cared about; other things are whatever.

i love bey and jay,
been riding with them for a long time and attended some of their concerts,
but what jay said on the grammys stage last night

Bey has 32 Grammys.
Jay has 24 Grammys.
32 + 24 = 56

Sidebar: do white artists feel a certain kind of way when they don’t get AOTY?

they have 56 grammys between them both,
bey being the one with the most.
more grammys in total than probably anyone else in the music industry.
whitney and mariah don’t even have over 10.
more than taylor swift,
who has 14.
adele has 16.
in the forests of black royalty,
they both stand as legends.

I’m confused what this “First World Problem” argument is about.

can someone explain to me?

lowkey: if they are feeling some kind of way about the grammys,
why do they (or anyone else) even attend?

8 thoughts on “are bey and jay having a first world problem?

  1. Beyonce is someone they’re are comfortable with giving awads to… so her having the most is basically a shut up to black ppl(THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE DOMINATE AT A TIME)… atleast you have the most(we gave you something so be happy) but the flip side you’ ll never get the the” Album OF THE YEAR” the most prestigious award of the night(IE: you’re not really worthy)….

  2. Shawn did try to wake us up to the fact that something in the awarding is off. That being said, Beyonce’s achilles heel is her music post – “4”. She still needs her ALBUM that cannot be denied. Everything else she is currently the “bar” for. And I like (some of) her post “4” output…Now I don’t understand SZA at all. LOL

  3. A few ppl alrdy explained the issue, so I’ll just quickly cosign them. While I’m 1 of the ppl who hates how much black ppl think white ice is colder, when you’re on Bey’s level, it’s definitely playing in your face. When you have Adele damn near embarrassed to have won over you…let’s just say there’s some pandering to keep the biggest blk artist appeased by giving her all of the blk awards, while giving the atypical white woman who makes blk music the BIG award.

  4. People always giving these two the hard times. It’s not about necessarily how many Grammys they both have. It’s the point of you saying they the best but never fully giving them the accolades they deserve. He also basically in more ways than one stood up for all black artists who never got the shine they deserved and still aren’t. Stop playing in our faces. Black artists haven’t won album or record of the year but once in the last 2 decades now. That’s a problem!! However Jay said it best and clearly y’all missed it. Keep showing up till they call you the best at your craft. Them giving him icon award last night is saying he won in the end. Grammys been wrong!!

  5. Y’all clearly missed all of what he said. Jay said keep showing up till they give you all the props you rightfully deserve. You can’t say I’m the best at something. Then when time to fully give me my respect rip me off. Yes they have all those Grammys yet have never won any big time awards at the Grammys. Even when every year they are told they should win them. Jay spoke up in more ways than none too for all those artists too that don’t win and have never won. We try to always find ways to be negative towards Beyonce and Jay but they always riding for they folks aka the black folks.

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