are bey and jay having a first world problem?

so a lot of nonsense happened at the grammys last night.
some things i cared about; other things are whatever.

i love bey and jay,
been riding with them for a long time and attended some of their concerts,
but what jay said on the grammys stage last night

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blue ivy carter with the “i hear ya’ll been chatting” pop up

imagine being beyonce and jay z’s kid?
the world is literally your oyster.
it gets you the harshest criticism as well.
i’m sure many a celeb kid has felt the hate from randoms.
i loved this moment of blue ivy carter and her dad at the nba finals last night…

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So I Listened To “Everything Is Love”…

my cousin hybrid said it was “noise with a bass line”.
the foxhole was split down the middle.
some liked it; others gave it a hard pass.
when someone told me it was on spotify today,
but under “the carters”,
i said i’d give it a listen.
i wasn’t with the tidal shits.
so i listened to “everything is love”.
lunch break and on the way home.
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Everything Is Love

so as you know,
or didn’t,
bey and jay released an album today.
“everything is love”.
i found out as soon as i walked in the door earlier.
the pretty vixen mentioned it during a conversation we were having.
as soon as i got myself on twitter,
i saw a few folks tweeting about it.
personally speaking…

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I’m “On The Run” From These Tourbook Pictures

bey seems like an “okay” vixen to me.
when her husband starts his hair brained schemes,
she responds with “okay” and goes along with it.
sidebar: he needs to cut his hair in that picture above.
photos from the “otr 2” tourbook was leaked.
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Beyonce Is Bringing Some (Extra) Baggage On Her New Tour!

so beyonce is back with a big surprise.
well someone allegedly leaked it on ticket master first,
but this is the actual official announcement.

she announced that shes going on tour with jay on her ig.
it’s left me wondering
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