I’m “On The Run” From These Tourbook Pictures

bey seems like an “okay” vixen to me.
when her husband starts his hair brained schemes,
she responds with “okay” and goes along with it.
sidebar: he needs to cut his hair in that picture above.
photos from the “otr 2” tourbook was leaked.

these aren’t even the twins either:

i’ve seen b and j do some great things together,
but alla this has left me highly confused.
i don’t like it.
i know that’s wrong to font when it comes to the hive,
but i don’t get any of it.
the “other vixens” been dragged for doing those same poses too.
kim k,
being one of them.

my burning question is…

This new tour is just that with no new music?

i would imagine a surprise release is in the forecast.
if not,
this seems like an “okay” move on her part.
 she doesn’t need him,
but it’s obvious he needs her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I’m “On The Run” From These Tourbook Pictures”

  1. What in the gay hell is going on with Beyonce getting butt nekkid like that in them.pics? Is see emboding a 70s style montra perhaps alas Cher days or something? It’s kinda weird for her and edgy. Never thought she’d do all of that….and ohhh boy…..after looking at that pic of Jay-Z with that hair Ive decided to go on the run too…in the opposite direction.

  2. Yeah I agree Jamari. I love Beyoncé, but she doesn’t have to take her clothes off to sell anything, her talent sells itself. I’m all for women doing what they want with their bodies, but I do think the nude picture of her in the water was a little much, the others weren’t bad. She is telling a story with the pictures but still. I will write her body is on point and she got it back together after the twins, speaking of the twins yeah their in the vow renewal video in the white, they are adorable. Also Jay kind of looks good, posed up with Bey.

  3. Wow I wasnt ready, heard about these pics, but hadnt seen em. I guess when you live in an age of mainstream artist who are out here Pussy-Popping like Rihana, Cardi B and Nikki Minaj, Beyonce said why should she be left behind keeping her clothes on. I guess in this tough economy you got to use what you got to get what you want and in this case she is trying to sell tickets to this warm over soup concert they are putting on. Jay-Z 50 year old ass is slowly morphing into Ike Turner without the beatings, that hair looks like if a pressing comb touched it, he will be able to rock a mushroom like Ike or be in the running to be the new Nick Ashford with a silky perm. It is all a bit much but hey Beyonce got Grown Lady Bills and she gotta pay em so Good Luck with it all

  4. Beyonce’s career isnt rooted in nudity or vulgarity, nor is it dependent upon it. There is a difference between owning your sexuality and being a slave to it like Kim K or Nikki. Also, its how tastefully things are done that matter also. Because Beyonces ass isnt hanging out every other instagram post, she can get away with this

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