Eloseeoh Doesn’t Want Any Of The Gays Looking At His Meat

handsome with #hairgoals,
but filtered to oblivion.
of course,
there is a big ol “but” to this entry.
so i never heard of ^this attentionisto before.
his name is “eloseeoh”,
and of course,
he loves the attention

…but he only wants it from straight vixens.
tumblr blog,
posted ( x this video ) from his “onlyfans” page.
eloseeoh sent an alleged message that went something like this…

and then allegedly led to all this:

of course he had a caper:

if this all is true,
i think he may have been mad it was from his “onlyfans”.
you know that’s how some of these folks make extra money.
the way how he went about it tho<<<<<<
tumblr will be the first to blast an out of line attentionisto.
his first mistake.
there is a way to ask for something respectfully.
it’s clear he doesn’t like gays.
his tirade proved that,
but now,
it shows he’s homophobic and our support shouldn’t be wasted.

good job!
now he’s lost a potential source of income with power.
he has made it to the foxhole so you know he’s about over.
i’m sure the vixens are the ones paying for “onlyfans” accounts.


lowkey: i’ve learned some will be gay friendly and others wont.
ive had a few that won’t ever see the foxhole again,
while others were grateful for the feature.
it is what it is.

38 thoughts on “Eloseeoh Doesn’t Want Any Of The Gays Looking At His Meat

  1. Well how do you post vids from OnlyFans. I could not figure that shit out to save my fucking life. And if thats him with them snaggle and raggedy ass teeth in his mouth. I hope he is saving up for braces and orthodontia services.

  2. No sympathy for either side. He’s dumb for posting vids and not expecting/wanting gay men viewing them. I’m going to jump to conclusions and assume he’s homophobic in general. His approach was completely wrong.

    On the other hand, the gays love the drama. He could’ve deescalated the situation by not egging him on. Secondly, there need to be something said about this “baiting” culture in the gay community and how the gays act with straight/ cis gendered males who do nude modeling/ amateur porn. I’ve seen countless time models respectfully stat that while they don’t mind gay viewers , they dislike gay males dm’ing them when it’s clear they are hetero. I would imagine that would get frustrating especially when the girls start being extra.

    Lastly, doesn’t matter because ya’ll still gonna buy his content anyway.


    He needs to get all the income his broke ass can make to fix them shits.

  4. Nah, he talking slick and has a yuck mouth, not here for him at all. That is why I do not hype certain ones.

  5. “it’s clear he doesn’t like gays.
    his tirade proved that”

    *rewatches 2nd dance routine vid*

    Sooo…it’s a self-loathing type thing?…cause um…yeah

  6. With the way those walls look in his room & how his bed is looking im going to assume he doesn’t get that much money.

    Also we really need to stop uplifting these really average looking dudes just because they got abs & lighter skin.

    We really need to let go of these guys that aren’t doing for the community except showing us dick/ass we will never get.

  7. No one ever claimed a big dick led to big brains. I swear these only fans accounts are the biggest scams. Dick is a dime a dozen on tumblr and twitter. I’m not paying $10 a month for some fool to tease me online. I see he thinks bulging and tip showing is worth my coin. It sure as hell isn’t. What are you paying for, those extra teeth? Too much free outchea!

  8. That’s scary. What if OF tanks or starts banning all of it’s content..Then what?

  9. I hope is nudes and Onlyfans videos get posted all over the Tumblrs and Pornhub. And I’ll say a lil prayer to Zeus that his pics are used as catfish profiles on Jackd, Grindr and Craigslist.

    How bout dat

  10. Gays literally hype up the most basic looking, straight, broke men women reject everyday.

    His attitude is nasty and his teeth are throwing up gang signs but I can assure you hoards of gays are still subscribing and following him.

    Part of it is a lot of gays have low self worth smh.

    1. Man I about say the same thing about them teeth!!! I mean them teeth make you say “Do you hunt, Do you drink blood?”. He making so much bread go get some braces. People need to stop lusting over the most basic find 10 of them around the corner ass ninjas, I mean really dude is not hot!!!

  11. LMAO niccas really PAY monthly to get “exclusive content” from Mr Teefus?? That grill alone makes me want to throw up! Humble yourself PLEASE

    Who is he anyway?

  12. This is partially the fault of gay men. These men are giving platforms for gay men to worship them and now theyre making money off it. Gay men love and adore and obsess over there dudes, dedicate blogs to these men and they hate our guts. Its to the point were any over looking nigga wit light skin and curly hair thinks they’re the next Drake.

  13. Social media got the game all the way Fukk Up, he is average at best and talking all this shit like he is the Cat’s Meow, Boy its Pineapples who work in the automotive dept at Wal-Mart who will shit all over your looks and body on any given day, and dont let me start on those night stocker’s who clock in after Midnight, true story, I have seen some of the best looking dudes this side of Glory who work in either the automotive dept or as night stocker’s at random Wal-Marts- LOL. The only talent I see for you is being able to bite that apple you were eating through a picket fence. Pineapple Bye!

  14. Boy bye grown and lame tight ass draws yea and can’t dance bitches can have this under cooked negro

    1. I was thinkin the same thing like fine where.. I can’t find poverty attractive at all. n**ga u don’t have a job with benefits and you brag about that with them overlapping teeth? N**gas like him bother me don’t own a piece of real estate, probably dont hustle past 36K a year, live in an apartment with fkd up credit but yet have the nerve to brag about not. Damn n**gas are so damm simple like frfr.

  15. He ain’t all that!!! He ain’t all that!!! He’s stupid too, because if he had even a little bit of sense he would know that there’s dollars in the gay community. Hell just cause someone posted your shit on a gay site doesn’t mean that you’re gay, IDIOT!! I have straight men telling me all the time that I look good, I love it!!! While he’s got all of this free time, he may want to learn a skill.

  16. Ah, more straight men chronicles I see. I always seem to voice an unfavorable opinion about our straight counterpoles…I mean parts.. 😅

    Ya know whenever a man says he doesn’t play that “gay shit” sometimes we like to say he may be closeted but often more than some believe, some straight men do think gay men and their behavior is shit, trash and disgusting. Alas, gay men swoon over these types which is somewhat telling of the superficially charged culture.

    You’re not getting any money from me if you look down on me and tolerating my lifestyle is not an option because you consider your lifestyle superior.

    Most of them are just walking f**ksticks with a body and no personality.

    I know some gays don’t mind but I have a problem with a man tolerating me because I can help him pay his bills.

    I mean is he really all that cute anyway? But out of those pics you posted this is what he said that stood out the most to me and I see is a huge problem with these type of men and it’s very troubling.

    1.) I get paid because I look good.

    2.) You have to get a job, I don’t.

    This is a major problem for me with ni**as like him (sounds why likea honosexual too at that) I think gay men need to stop entertaining Str8 niggas but it ain’t my money so I guess…

    I need a man in the flesh…digital dik has never been my calling..

    1. I meant hobosexuals. And I’m not just talking about the straights in that second part…Im talking about gay men tat think they too cute to work as well…..you aint tooo cute to be homeless…looks fade, character doesn’t.

    2. “I know some gays don’t mind but I have a problem with a man tolerating me because I can help him pay his bills.”

      Most gays don’t mind…most. That’s why onlyfans pages are so popular these days.

      These pages are not extra income, it’s the only income.

  17. This regular lame ass dude causing all that ruckus…..you would think he’s Jacob Sumana, Suraqah, or David McIntosh. He’s Queening out and going back and forth like a female. I would’ve ignored his whack from the jump.

    1. ^word.

      i’ve ignored the fuck out of attentionistos who started off wrong.
      nothing the tumblr could have said would have stopped him being being an asshole.
      his whole message would have been declined.

    2. None of the dudes you compared him to are all that either and Suraqah doesn’t like gays either and David McIntosh is a misogynist that just uses gays for money lol

      1. It’s my opinion that they look better than him….Don’t care if u think they all of that. 💁‍♂️

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