When A Fox Needs A Two Parter (Mental Health Day)

so i took another mental health day today.
i know.
maybe i shouldn’t have fonted that out loud,
but i have to be honest with ya’ll…

i was supposed to return back to work today.
my clothes were out,
bag was packed,
and i went to bed pretty early.
i woke up at 2:30am and that was it.
it was toss and turn city from that point on.
i sent the text at close to 4am that i wasn’t coming in.
i still haven’t gone back to sleep.

i finished up on all my resumes and cover letters.
my job and for the foxhole.
i have been on “indeed” looking for something new,
but i’ve been on the heavy research for career opportunities too.
i’d love a gig writing entertainment news and gossip.
so i wanted to show the foxhole my updated media kit.
i don’t know if i ever showed you guys before.
i’m pretty new to this so be gentle.
i need any advice if possible.
hopefully anyone who lurks in the forest can help a fox out!

thank you in advance!

lowkey: everyone i know is revealing they’re looking for new jobs.
i’m glad it isn’t only me…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “When A Fox Needs A Two Parter (Mental Health Day)”

  1. Good way of looking and doing things. I am in a position to make a living doing what I want and not have to answer to anyone but myself.

    Sometimes it may be good to start your own business depending on what you want to do.

    Success is right around the corner.

  2. Which is good. Don’t let anyone put you down or make you think you’re less than great. Always be a person of greatness. Earn your rightful place as a King in this world & pay feeble peasants no mind.

  3. Idk anything about media kits, but that ish looks great to me!…and bruh, you know that I know how u feel right now, trust me…for a while it looked like there was no horizon for me, but things turned around fairly quickly and I truly believe they will for you too soon…I think you’re gonna get a hook up by a reference from your past…past co-worker/friend…I ain’t no soothsayer, but I gotta feeling.

  4. I like the creativity. Believe it or not yall, in the creative field stuff like this sell as a marketing platform when job hunting. This actually gets employers attention and shows your very polish. Love it J!

  5. Hey, My Guru of Many. We are both going through adult growing pains; they ain’t nuthin’ nice. I just binge-read the last month or so, this morning when you woke up. I was just laying it down. I saw your post about taking a second mental health day – side note….those are ALWAYS what the Doctor ordered – and in my head I said, “I wonder if how far he’s pushed his own brand recently.” I open the post, and what do I see at the end?!?! Awemazing, Sir. Passing it on to a few contacts tomorrow. Word is bond.

    You know that I have followed you for a few years now. Your POV is STILL uniquely you and poignantly refreshing, so it will work if you work it. I have recently dealt with being uncomfortable in my position despite positive results. I resigned from my school district this year, but agreed to an interview from another school in the district. I don’t know why. The initial and follow-up interview could not have gone better. Then, the big boss contacted someone at my old school who drink haterade with my face on it every morning. She said NO! I was declined. Before I could be disappointed, a tiny voice said, “You made already quit, boo. It is time to do YOU.”

    Jamari, make yourself your #1 priority, forsaking all others. Put 100% of your energy into you. That job is a temp because it was never meant to be permanent. You have a genuine voice; USE IT. Good Black don’t crack, so you have time for the other stuff later. I truly believe you are a remarkable talent, and I don’t hand out praise lightly. It’s our season, baby; I don’t think they are ready. Love you and all you do, sir. #ItDoesGetBetter

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