they were trying to drive me mental on my mental health day

i been in need of a mental health day.
i’ve been feeling drained in all aspects of my life.
i don’t know if it’s the mercury retrograde or my sun took a shit on my venus.
last week was too hectic for me to take one.
i decided today would be the perfect day to do so.
no plans than extra rest and to get my mind right.
at 8pm last night,
i hit that “i’m not feeling well” text with the quickness.
i mean,
it isn’t a lie.

I’m not feeling well.

i won’t be no good to anyone in the office if i’m feeling stressed tf out.
i won’t lie to you tho…

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your mental health needs a recharge

“When last have you taken a Mental Health Day?”

karaoke and i got into it over that question this morning.
my delivery may have been out of whack tho.
i have been feeling under the weather and a tad moody.
i believe everyone should take a mental health day once or twice a month.
if that’s pushing it,
once every other month.

mental health day (n)…

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