they were trying to drive me mental on my mental health day

i been in need of a mental health day.
i’ve been feeling drained in all aspects of my life.
i don’t know if it’s the mercury retrograde or my sun took a shit on my venus.
last week was too hectic for me to take one.
i decided today would be the perfect day to do so.
no plans than extra rest and to get my mind right.
at 8pm last night,
i hit that “i’m not feeling well” text with the quickness.
i mean,
it isn’t a lie.

I’m not feeling well.

i won’t be no good to anyone in the office if i’m feeling stressed tf out.
i won’t lie to you tho…

i couldn’t enjoy my day because my boss was micromanaging me from my crib.
why do you not know how to function without me there?
simple shit they could ask someone else in the office,
they’re blowing up my texts and call log.

after a while,
i had to hit that DND on them.
it was getting ridiculous and felt petty.
i legit took a mental health day to get away from THEM,
but they’re all up and through my safe space?

i’m gonna try this again tomorrow on airplane mode.
if i see a carrier pigeo with a note attached to it’s leg on my window,
i know they were sent from the pits of hell to fuck with me.

low-key: they better be glad i didn’t use this day to have sex from sun up to sunset.
they would have really not heard from me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “they were trying to drive me mental on my mental health day”

  1. Sometimes you just really need one day. Shit, I called out today. My clothes weren’t dry, bag wasn’t ready and I sat by the heater for like 30 mins Lol. I was lazy and unprepared.

    I’m sure my job gon dragged my ass like I called out for a month 🙄. Whats the point of sick leave if I can’t use it? Smh.

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