how to lack common sense during sensitive times

i feel like some white folks lack common sense.
it baffles me at times.
the following story shows how clueless some of them really are.
a foxholer sent me a white teaching jackal who students want banished in california.
he decided to dress like the rapper “common” and well via “the daily mail”

A white northern California school teacher has been placed on leave after he wore blackface on Halloween, apparently imitating the rapper Common.

David Carter is seen dressed in a white turtleneck and black jacket, akin to the musician’s clothing in a Microsoft commercial, in a video shared on Twitter Friday by a student at Milpitas High School.

Sooooooooo… one of our WHITE teachers at mhs yesterday decided to paint his face so look like common the rapper yesterday,’ Karrington Kenny captioned the footage of the E-Tech academy engineering instructor, who used to be an American History educator at the school. 

Carter seemingly raps about AI to a hip-hop inspired background beat in the video, despite Microsoft’s artificial intelligence ambassador not doing so in his commercial from last February.

this is the video:

whose mans is this?

sidebar: before he dropped “sense“,
common use to go by “common sense“.
irony with this story?


do some of these clueless white folks have friends with actual common sense?
i know my friends would look at me wild crazy if i did something like that.
i can’t imagine a real friend would cosign that nonsense up top.

“So I’m thinking of being Common for Halloween
I’m gonna put on blackface,

and try to get really ghetto with it.” – David

“Don’t do it David.” – Friend

sometimes their friends are just as clueless too.
i feel like some shit is legit common sense and a quick google search.
david must be missing his brain and phone.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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    1. It’s been proven that non-Blacks see Blacks as several shades darker than they truly are. Someone studied police lineups and sketches and came to that conclusion.

      I’m Common’s complexion and I’ve been told by non-Blacks that I resemble people who are Trey Songz’s shade.

      This is why the skin color debate Black people love to have is so irrelevant. Light or dark we’re still niggers to the translucents.

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