was common out here trying to allegedly sexually assault jaguar wright?

one thing i’ve learned about social media,
and the industry:

It’s not the place to find friends

now that isn’t saying you can’t meet someone(s) cool in those places,
and eventually they can become your friends after a heavy screening,
but you gotta be real careful with how folks move.
if not,
you’ll be carrying around high expectations and catchin’ “L”s each time.
i remember jaguar wright from off jay-z “unplugged” album.
her voice is magical,
her first album wasn’t as good,
she was in a commercial

…and then she just upped and vanished.
well she’s back and had recent smoke for all the neo-soul folks she fucked with.
the roots,
erykah badu,
and jill scott,
but what she alleges about common
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how to lack common sense during sensitive times

i feel like some white folks lack common sense.
it baffles me at times.
the following story shows how clueless some of them really are.
a foxholer sent me a white teaching jackal who students want banished in california.
he decided to dress like the rapper “common” and well via “the daily mail”

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Beyonce Stole Something?

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Showso beyonce did something.
last night.
at the grammys.
it has everything to do with that confusing performance.
the one she kinda “stole” from ledisi.
okay so here is what happened
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Common Doesn’t Think Justin Bieber Is Racist

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.31.36 PMthat bear represents whats about to maul his mentions.
so common doesn’t think justin bieber is a racist.
well this is what he said to vladtv
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Is This Black Folks Or Is This “Niggers”?

quote,bw,life,money,photography,quotes-4c5e8594786eda2a3a8c398eb145a595_hive been on my ass all day.
i’m tired,
feelin lazy,
and making sure my resume is on point.
well one of my favorite vix-bi sent me a video and told me “WATCH NOW”.
i had to post this #newnigger shit…
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