Is This Black Folks Or Is This “Niggers”?

quote,bw,life,money,photography,quotes-4c5e8594786eda2a3a8c398eb145a595_hive been on my ass all day.
i’m tired,
feelin lazy,
and making sure my resume is on point.
well one of my favorite vix-bi sent me a video and told me “WATCH NOW”.
i had to post this #newnigger shit…

1vx6p…so they have all this money and they can’t afford lotion?
oh ok.
what is the logic of this?
i must be a different kind of person because i can’t…

lowkey: those bricks of money tho…
would have been in a nice checking account.

do they have a checking account?
mad they at starlets,
because that is fine hood entertainment,
and then pull up to the projects after.
i love the ratchet “niggers”.
they make me want to do better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Is This Black Folks Or Is This “Niggers”?”

  1. The saying ” a fool and his money shall soon part” comes to mind…but on the real I wouldve gotten w/the tall skinny dude in all black….he was cute…I woulda put it dwn & have him paying my bills and student loans while I use my paycheck to fatten my savings!

  2. Well we all know who hasn’t talked to Chuck…ever.

    DEAD@”…so they have all this money and they can’t afford lotion?”

    Don’t they have Targets and CVSes in NYC?

    Unless something terrible happened to Palmers Cocoa Butter or Aquaphor there is no excuse to be ashy.

    Either it’s drug money or advance money (do they still give out advances?) either way it’s temporary.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy the building for the strip club instead of making it rain inside the strip club?
    How about a couple shares of LVMH instead of all that Moet Imperial Rose that they are just going to drink and then piss away?

    Why waste all that capital?

    Life is chess, not checkers.

    They are all probably locked up or dead by now. Lame brains don’t last long. SMH.

    1. ^where they were at,
      a duane reade was right around the corner.
      the way how I see it,
      they don’t respect the way they earned all that money,
      so there is no respect for the money.
      which is why it’s in some stripper’s ass crack or on the floor in the street.
      when you respect how you earn your money,
      you treat it better.

      1. NYC has Duane Reede everywhere. Being ashy is by choice. Was that Camron in the yellow for a hot second.

  3. Typical black man syndrome..give rats cheese and they act stupid. Sorry but these assholes do not need my attention.

  4. When I tell you this is some Red Kool-Aide Black shit, trust and believe. I cant with all these gaudy ass Negro’s. Why must I cry. It would be so good for young dudes like this to tell other dudes to invest their money in a mutual fund or IRA instead of making it rain at the strip club. It amazes me how so many of my brothers want to shout out designers, who gives no fucks about them and how they wanna roll in expensive whips and wear their wealth on their back. If you are really making this kind of money legit, why are you flossing all this cash. A real baller has a Black card. I bet that none have an investment adviser, an accountant, or attorney on the payroll. 20 years from now these knuckleheads will be sitting in the park telling younger dudes about how they use to have all the bad bitches and all the money they use to have.

  5. Who the hell are these people? What are they doing to get all that money? I don’t even wanna know.

  6. Couldn’t even get past five minutes. Dead at one of them saying they ain’t new to this but yet still acting like a new money negro. Smh…

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