This Is What Power Can Get You (U.O.E.N.O.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.24 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.32 AMaaaah.
the smell and look of power.
i don’t care who it is,
how you look,
or how you act…
when you pay your dues and finally achieve power,
you get access to fuck whatever you want.
you think colin kaepernick would have bagged sanaa lathan if he worked as a mailman?
now that he has become the new “it” baller wolf,
and everyone wants a piece,
it has opened his coochie options.
the kaeperwives (his stans) are having a fit.
that’s how you know this was a good pairing.
welcome to the blogs colin!

lowkey: lets be real.
she has a movie coming out.
he’s the baller wolf sex symbol at the moment.
you think this was by accident?
this has us talking.


x visit sanaa
x visit colin

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “This Is What Power Can Get You (U.O.E.N.O.)”

  1. Colin should keep that beard.He looks better with it.

    I had no idea Sanaa was a ball player groupie though.Lucky him.He gets the pick of the litter.

  2. I’m upset about this on both ends if this is true. Man, I have had dreams about Sanaa lol. She is fine as hell and she is so sweet. Colin drives me crazy. He is so handsome. That smile of his is everything.

    If Colin was a mail man I’d talk to him. Could y’all imagine him delivering mail in that baby blue shirt and navy shorts hugging his tight muscular body? Lord Jesus. I would tell him to pass my house and make it his last stop of the day. I’d feed him a late lunch or early diner and for dessert he can have the pipe.

  3. I don’t get Kaepernick…at all. His face is blah, he don’t have no ass, and voice is annoying. Okay athlete, but sex symbol…naw he looks like Gogo Dodo from Tiny Toons Adventures, sorry.

    There is such a thing as ugly-sexy, but he’s not it. Looks like some chromosomes got lost with him. Something is off putting about him to me. *shrugs*

    Now Sanaa Lathan…she is a fine as fuck grown ass woman, I’m saying this as a gay man.

    Man or woman, if your partner ever interacts with this woman just take one for the team—and get all the details, preferably with video footage.

    1. I feel you ICE.I don’t find Colin attractive either.I just go with the flow because everybody else praises him and his looks.I feel the same about RG3.They have nice bodies, which is typical of professional athletes.Colin’s face makes him look like he could be a relative of Osama Bin Laden.If he spread his eyes a little further apart and tone down the nose and add it to his thin lips, then he’d be a looker.Even though he kind of has a pickle head to.

      I’d love to put a bag over his and RG3’s face and have a threesome though.

      I know I’m being a little too insulting but it’s only a few people who don’t find him enticing compared to about a million+ who do.I usually don’t say anything when a mulatto is unattractive because black people go in attack mode.

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