What U Gon’ Do For The DC (Challenge)?


so there is a new challenge going on right now.


the vixens are flowing to a beat on what they’d do for the dc.
well i love issa rae and regina hall’s contribution…
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Tyrese Is Randomly Random

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.15.00 PMin very random dating news,
tyrese debuted his new love interest today.
i already know what you are thinking…
trust me.
i’m with you.
anyway on some super duper random shit,
this is who black ty is dating now…
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This Is What Power Can Get You (U.O.E.N.O.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.24 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.32 AMaaaah.
the smell and look of power.
i don’t care who it is,
how you look,
or how you act…
when you pay your dues and finally achieve power,
you get access to fuck whatever you want.
you think colin kaepernick would have bagged sanaa lathan if he worked as a mailman?
now that he has become the new “it” baller wolf,
and everyone wants a piece,
it has opened his coochie options.
the kaeperwives (his stans) are having a fit.
that’s how you know this was a good pairing.
welcome to the blogs colin!

lowkey: lets be real.
she has a movie coming out.
he’s the baller wolf sex symbol at the moment.
you think this was by accident?
this has us talking.


x visit sanaa
x visit colin

They Shoulda Left The Best Man At The Altar!


so the best man has got to be one of my favorite black movies.
this right here:


tumblr_lwhjxy5IpA1qk3yypo1_500 lance sullivan.
baller wolf.
that sexual chocolate bar was so perfect to me.
when he was crying at the altar,
you could as well of handed him my drawz.
so when i heard they were making a sequel,
i seriously laughed.
i mean they ain’t stupid than to ruin a classic, right?
they were serious af.
it’s called “the best man holiday” and they released the teaser…

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