What U Gon’ Do For The DC (Challenge)?


so there is a new challenge going on right now.


the vixens are flowing to a beat on what they’d do for the dc.
well i love issa rae and regina hall’s contribution…

regina did that and you know issa got bars.
well sanaa lathan followed:

when he pulled off the wig>>>>
erykah badu,
cardi b,
and even tami roman in her bonnet accepted the challenge:

i love it!
a challenge made after my own lusty heart.
you know i’d do a lot for that dc…

…and if you’re a fox reading my site,
you would too.


lowkey: if rih or b do one,
i’ll scream.

3 thoughts on “What U Gon’ Do For The DC (Challenge)?

  1. I loved my fave erykah and issa’s, I’ve seen Sanna’s bald head so many times now that her ending didn’t shock me.

    You gotta check out Twink God’s one

    P.S. that gif perfectly sums up why we do what we do for the D lol

  2. I’m usually not here for these dumb and weird challenges, but this one was funny! I liked seeing some of the celebs just having fun with it. The wig one took me out LOL!

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