The Home Invasion That Left One Dead and The Other In The Closet

this is a sad story.
it’s also a sus one too.
i watch the id channel.
i don’t put shit past anyone.
so during a home invasion earlier this week in ga,
1/2 of a newlywed couple was killed.
a foxholer sent me the story via new york daily news

A Georgia newlywed was shot and killed during a home invasion and his husband was left tied up in the closet, according to authorities.

Theo Moore had only been married two months when armed gunmen broke into his Stone Mountain home on Monday. The 48-year-old had just come home from walking his dog when the deadly incident unfolded at the residence off Ridge Forest Drive, WSB-TV reported.

Moore’s husband heard a pair of gunshots and was confronted by the assailants, who demanded money from him, according to the police report. He said they tied him up and forced him in the closet, where he stayed for over an hour.

“They took a lot of time in the home,” Stone Mountain police Sgt. Manuel Norrington said, noting the attackers ransacked the home for nearly 90 minutes. “They stayed there for some time, which is not normal.”

The burglars left with several televisions and made their escape in Moore’s car.

Moore’s husband was eventually able to free himself from the closet and phoned police. 

Authorities found Moore’s car abandoned a couple blocks away from the DeKalb County home, the news station reported.

Detectives said there was an attempted break in at the same home two weeks ago, which prompted the home owners to install surveillance cameras. Footage from them appears to have captured Moore’s alleged killers.

Neighbors were left shocked by the incident and remembered Moore as a kind-hearted man.

“Y’all didn’t have any reason to do that,” neighbor Jules Harvey told WSB-TV. “He would have given the shirt off his back.”

so they killed one,
but tied the other one up?
why didn’t they just kill both?
i don’t want to believe the husband was involved,
but there is a hole somewhere in this story.
it could also be very innocent and tragic.
either way,
i hope they are able to catch these jackals.
may theo rip.

lowkey: they must have been watching that house for a while.
we gotta stop putting all of our lives on social media as well.
everyone doesn’t need to know what you have.

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Home Invasion That Left One Dead and The Other In The Closet”

  1. He involved. Insurance payout. I watch Snapped. ID. Dateline. I won’t even let anyone I deal with boil me water. Not gonna be slowly poisoning me for months and the doctors can’t figure it out.

    1. I want you to know I almost choked to death(on popcorn),while reading your comment.
      Someone slowly poisoning you? You are funny.LMAO 😂

    2. Mac…you think like me. You gotta be careful of people, family or friends. If money is involved, no telling what they will do! This story screams insurance payout to me. Hopefully they will do a follow up to this story, if and when those guys are caught.

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