What Would You Do For Kellon Deryck’s DC?

the “look but don’t touch” baller wolf bae,
kellon deryck,
decided to show out for the dc.
not in the way you’d think tho.
he hopped on the wave to do his own rendition.
take a look at his offerings

so i guess this lowkey confirms he’s a wolf…
i mean he is packing a lot of dc tho…

he makes me so hot.

lowkey: something about him…
even when he was a nobody and i saw his pics,
he has that “something” that makes my foxtail raise.
those types are dangerous for me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do For Kellon Deryck’s DC?”

  1. His body is something serious in those gray swim shorts. Thick, juicy thighs and a nice size peen to match. The cakes could be a little bigger and rounder, but they’re okay.

    1. ^i think his bunz got bigger since then.

      i remember this one time he put up a snap with him trying on dress pants.
      i wish he would have put that on ig.
      that would have gotten posted for the foxhole!!

  2. I would not care if he was top or bottom….WHATEVER he wanted he would get with a morning blowjob all down my throat…😂😂😂

  3. Ugh, not feeling the Rick Ross beard, but he’s still my husband! I don’t care what position he is, whatever he wants, however he wants, it’s his, he would get the deluxe experience, and I seldom say things like that these days, but he’s the only IG person that is on my raydar.Fine af.

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