The Satisfied Gay Who Killed His Bully Today

these jackals gonna learn to stop harassing gays.
one jackal learned the hard way.
so everyone meet 18 year old,
bel cedeno.
that isn’t a glamour shot.
he is headed to jail.
he allegedly stabbed his
bully to death in the bx today.
this is what the ny daily news

A Bronx teen accused of fatally stabbing a bullying classmate was tormented with homophobic and racist slurs until he finally exploded, according to family friends.

The abuse heaped upon Abel Cedeno, 18, was previously reported to officials at his Bronx high school without any response, said friend Savannah Hornbeck before the accused killer’s Thursday arraignment.

“The kids were calling him a f—-t, calling him a s–c,” said Hornbeck, 34. “After it had been reported numerous times and there was no reaction from the school, Abel felt (there was) no other way out.”

Cedeno was placed under suicide watch and held without bail in the murder of 15-year-old Matthew McCree and the stabbing of a second youth as horrified students in their history class watched helplessly.

“The defendant admits to purchasing a (switchblade) knife two weeks before online and stabbing two people,” said Assistant District Attorney Nancy Borko. “He’s admitting stabbing these people with a knife he ordered.”

Family members wept in the third row during the Bronx Criminal Court hearing, and left without addressing the media. Several stood in an effort to get Cedeno’s attention as he entered the courtroom.

Cedeno spoke once, when questioned directly by Judge Patsy Gouldbourne about a legal issue involving an order of protection granted the surviving victim.

Yes, I understand, your honor,” he replied politely. Cedeno, due back in court Tuesday, was also expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The Legal Aid Society issued a statement after one of its attorneys, Deborah Rush, represented the suspect.

“We are currently meeting with our client and his family and reviewing the facts and circumstances of this case, including the long history of bullying and intimidation Abel has endured,” the statement read.

The fatal stabbing was the first slaying inside a city school since February 1993.

A second Cedeno family friend, Iris Couvertier, said she spoke with Abel inside the 48th Precinct after his arrest.

“Those two kids in the class, they hit him,” she said. “He said that they hit him in the face. He said it’s because he’s gay or bisexual.”

Hornbeck said Cedeno often returned home in tears after enduring the bullying his fellow high school students.

But NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Thursday that the fatal confrontation with McCree and stabbing survivor Ariane Laboy, 16, was the first beef between the students.

Cedeno “said he had problems before at the start of school, but not with these two individuals,” said Boyce. “He said he was being harassed, but that is all he said.”

City Education Department officials, citing student privacy laws, would not say whether Cedeno told school staffers about the bullying.

As cops led Cedeno out of the precinct late Wednesday, the suspect — wearing a pink T-shirt, a gray hoodie and a pensive stare — silently mouthed the word “yes” when asked if he was bullied.

He had purchased the alleged murder weapon online about two weeks before the killing, said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

Laboy remained in critical but stable condition at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. McCree was pronounced dead at the same hospitalwhere his mother was working at the time of the attacks, according to her husband.

“His mother is in bad shape,” said spouse Kyle Victor, 34. “She’s still in shock. She’s still not crying. She’s numb.”

Victor defended the accused bully as “a good kid, very smart, very loving.”

McCree and Laboy were breaking pencils and tossing the broken pieces at Cedeno’s head before the accused killer attacked his tormentors, police said.

Cedeno lunged at McCree with his stainless steel switchblade, stabbing and slashing the victim’s chest and torso, police said.

According to police sources, Cedeno never said a word to cops about why he was targeted by McCree, Laboy and other classmates since school began Sept. 7.

“He never went into specifics,” said one NYPD source.

is it wrong to say…


















…it serves that jackal right?
i know death is wrong and all,
but karma came in the form of a switch blade.
he thought he was dealing with a punk.

i was bullied growing up.
i was even jumped by my bullies.
they made my life a living hell every day at school.
i ended up being transferred because of it.
i’m over that torment now,
but it really effected me growing up.
this story should help folks think twice about bullying.
some don’t do anything,
but when others are pushed to the limit

i don’t know what’s gonna happen to young abel,
but his youth is pretty much over.

lowkey: abel looked very satisfied in his arrest photos,
doesn’t he?

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “The Satisfied Gay Who Killed His Bully Today”

  1. Hahaha at that Gif with Iron!!

    Now to the situation at hand. Idc if I sound like an ass but the bullies got what they deserved. Fawk em…less idiots in the world. Parents and shit talking about he was a smart and good kid…People always say that shyt about everyone that dies suddenly when they were doing shyt they were supposed to.

    . Perhaps, my nonchalant attitude about his death stems down from me growing up and getting picked on because I was smaller, quiet and didn’t like sports. I was called names, bullied, thrown into a closed and locked in, named carved into seats saying I was gay, faggot, Yu name it.. Just bullied for no reason other than I was soft spoken and not chasing after girls like the other boys. Its something to be walking home and a school bus passes through full of kids and one of the shouts..You gay…Sounds funny or like a staged event but it isnt. It was always hard for me to try and fit in back then and then to come home and hear it from Family…so when I hear this story, I get flashbacks and I snap back into present day with no remorse.

    And these young bullies get that shyt from their stupid ass parents and those stupid ass rappers like Boosie, (who is probably gayer than a rainbow rooster himself, I might add.) Who promote the hate on feminine men but exclude fem pretty lesbians.

    Let this be a wake-up call. It won’t though. Ignorant dudes AND females will always exist. Nothing is new under the sun.

    It could also be that dudes be liking on fem gays so they pick on them to hide their attraction. Who knows it looks like in this instance, it was a double edged sword….

    PS. Remember back at one point a man could justify killing another man because he was gay and the man feared being “assulted by the homosexual.”

    Fuk em.

    1. ^most of these jackals secretly like “us”.
      that’s why they pick on us.
      some are secretly attracted to gays.
      most homophobic jackals get caught up eventually.
      then they try to get as you in the future.

      1. Fuk em…Jamari. Dont care if the bullies were “children” or not…and he was a teenager, his ass knew right from wrong. Some people get karma in the worst way. If you play with fire do you expect not to be burned? Child or adult the flames show no mercy.

        Also the one bullied is not doomed for prison forever. Everyone can’t jump up and take out anyone at any time.. Also young wolves are preying and killing gays/transgenders all the time by. I mean is the boy for sure going to prison? Also this was reported numerous times and no one did nothing and now this happens and it’s a big shock. No one stood up to defend him while he was getting bullied so he took matters into his own hands.

        Most homophobots get enjoyment out of demeaning and humiliating other men (and women) they feel are inferior because they are gay or whatever and it also echos how they really view actual women and homophobic chicks are just as dumb. I don’t mind Str8 folks but homophobots, racist and religious nutcases have to go.

        People do change but it’s 2017. We are still surrounded by a barrage of racist fuks, sexist fuks, homophobots, sexual predators and the like. Same shit, different year. This isn’t a Disney movie or Cinderella or the Wizard of Oz but these mfuks are still clickin they heels all over our heads.

        Our fukin President, that represents our country is a racist, washed up Egyptian carpet wig wearing weasel fuk that engages in convos and arguments via Twitter like some….”child” That’s right! We have this ancient ass racist bitch in office having KKK after parties while playing Beer Pong with Kim Jong what the fuk Wong over our heads…

        Then we gotta deal with crazy assholes in our own country too cause they view us as lesser beings?

        Meh, Fuk all em…for that dick.

  2. Sigh this sucks. It would of been nice if Abel got up and beat their ass with his fist, instead of stabbing them, but hey people have to stop this bullying stuff. Kids use to try to bully me when I was a kid. Since I was tiny, had a light voice, and was quiet. The things that saved me was I had an older cousin who always took up for me, and I had a big mouth. I remember these two boys throwing a soda can at my head on the school bus. They were sitting right behind me so it didn’t hurt that bad, but I picked that soda can up and threw it right back at them. I had to be around 8 or 9 years old. Bullying sucks though and it really needs to stop, because bullying is scarring people, and sometimes killing them. I also agree that in cases like this sometime the bully could like the guy their bullying and that’s how they show they like them. That has happened me to a quite a few times.

  3. He’s a dummy. Toughen the fuck up!

    I’m sorry I have no sympathy for him either. Keep in mind the deceased is a child as well! A child capable of growing and changing.

    Now you’re going to be in prison really getting bullied and passed around. Doesn’t matter how much he was bullied, murder is murder.

    I don’t know how some of these snowflakes plan to function in the real world where the majority does not care about your hurt feelings.

    1. All parties involved are idiots. He shouldn’t have taken it to that extreme, but to be honest, those bullies were asking for it (not saying that’s what they “deserved” per se, but they got what they had coming). People are crazy in the world these days, and running around heckling and taunting ppl can cost you your life! In this case it did. *shrugs*.

      I’m not really hearing the whole “child capable of growing and changing” bit in this case. Not likely. These “children” need to be raised better, and with the knowledge that all of your actions can trigger reactions accordingly. These “children” need to learn to respect one another (more for fear of getting stabbed or shot these days) Literally more for THEIR OWN protection than that of others.
      These type of people seldom grow nor change, so I’m not seeing where the sudden compassion is coming from.

      This isn’t just about some hurt feelings either.It goes deeper than that, but the point of this is to say that ALL parties are answering for their decisions, and all parties are responsible for the outcome. I don’t feel sorry for any of them really, but I will confess that I feel more sympathy for the gay guy than I do the deceased, in this case (and it’s not just because he’s gay). They weren’t innocent, and they robbed themSELVES of their future. The gay guy was bullied by them, and took a fatal retaliation. Bad decision by him, and he should pay for it, but those bullies made a fatal error, and paid for it. Too bad!

      1. That’s a slippery slope stating “they were asking for it” knowing that phrase is used to justify a lot of crimes against people.

        These were KIDS. As in their minds are not fully developed. I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying “he was asking for it” if that were your child or little brother stabbed to death.

        Some of you are letting your childhood experiences cloud your perspective.

        Most kids were bullied about something growing up. You all just couldn’t see that through your own perception of eternal victimhood.

        I’m sure you said something mean about someone or made a joke about someone even in adulthood. Does that mean you’re asking for it if I hear you talking about me and decide to come to work and blow your head off?

        Are transgenders “asking for it” when they get murdered doing sex work?

        Are gay men “asking for it” if they get their ass kicked for looking at a straight man too long or pretend to be women so they can get their nudes and post them online?

        Shit, some of you all grown ass men whose idea of a fun sport is shading people you barely know for how they look, act, and dress are you “asking for it” as well?

        If so let me invest some stock in box cutters….

      2. Lol, well okay, you can go ahead and get your box cutters then, that’s your business, but that isn’t what I was saying at all.
        I don’t remember saying that I had a similar experience to the case above or even some in the comments. Not saying I wasn’t teased, but I certainly wasn’t a victim. I’m not in my feelings.

        Your examples don’t equate here except for the “pretend to be women and post male nudes online” in which case, I hold the same stance. Yes, he would be asking for whatever he gets because he was specifically targeting individuals.

        I’ll try to rephrase it though so it doesn’t sound like I was secretly hoping for a homicidal outcome. The way I see it, bullying is an intentional and targeted act on an individual, right? When they’re pushing someone to their limits, there is a likely response. That RESPONSE is what they’re “asking” for. Like you’ve said in your comments below, you “administered excellent ass whoppings” to those who may/not deserve it. That was your response, and probably an appropriate response to the situation. When you push people, you’re pushing for a response, and with that comes a risk, because that response could be anything. In this case, they got stabbed. I agree that, that was a very extreme reaction and that those kids shouldn’t have died for it. I agree, but at the end of the day whether it’s justified or not, those kids were playing with fire, and they got burned.

        On the other hand, the gay kid is an idiot for what you stated above: He’s going to get it even worse in jail, throwing his life away for bullies that were younger than you etc. He needs to pay for his actions as well, and I hope he knows what he walked himself into. He’s not smart because he only extended his suffering when he was at the brink of being free from it, so in essence, he sabotaged himself. Everyone loses here.

    2. That’s the one thing that bothers me with this story. Why is an 18 y/o in a class with a 15 y/o? Also, it will be interesting to see Abel’s social media post. They probably tell more of the story.

  4. Wow…

    I was bullied in high school, not badly but it was the typical. Mostly name calling, a faggot or two here and there. Almost one fight…

    Funny, a few years after I graduated, 3 of my bullies slide in my DMs on IG and admitted they had crushes on me LOL

  5. No one deserves to die because of words. This kid had other options besides taking a life.
    No compassion or sympathy from me.

    1. I mean who wasn’t?!

      People act like they were the only ones bullied in school for being feminine. Lol
      Like there were no tall girls, fat people, dark skinned people, people with disabilities, masculine girls, people with acne, people with hygiene problems, people that couldn’t afford nice clothes.

      Hell, even the popular, pretty girls were called hoes and the athletes were dumb.

      I don’t expect anyone to grasp this as teenagers because you’re naturally self centered at that age, but as fully formed adults if you can’t look back objectively and see you weren’t the only victim of bullying I can almost bet you take that victim mentality with you in everyday life.

      As someone who works with the “disruptive, tough, bullies” now I can tell you they have a lot going on as well. They don’t just decide to pick on people because their lives are perfect.

      He didn’t deserve to die at 15 years old.

      1. ^i see where jay is coming from.

        so what about if he fought him and killed him?
        would that still be justified?
        you like to fight those who disrespect you.
        what if you gave the wrong blow and the person dies?

        this is a really interesting discussion.
        i choose to walk away from the riff raff,
        but apparently that makes me a bitch LOL

  6. Jamari I’ve administered excellent ass whoopings w/o killing anyone. Ask me if any of those dudes ever fucked with me again?

    If the person dies from you fighting them my same opinion still stands, they don’t deserve for THAT to be their last moment alive. At least the intention wasn’t to kill the person from jump.

    They should lock this dude up forever and they likely will. 18 years old AND he bought the weapon two weeks earlier which shows premeditation. Good luck with that insanity plea they’re likely going to shoot for. No one’s going to have sympathy for him saying a boy three years younger than him made fun of him at his age. He should’ve been getting a GED somewhere anyway at 18 with adults like himself.

    1. ^listen i see your point! lol

      he fucked up,
      but i guess he was pushed to his limit and had a lapse in judgment.
      he will serve as an example for everyone,
      whether they are on his side or against him.

  7. I have no sympathy for the victims. I have sympathy over the situation ending like that, but not for the victims individually. I think some of us didn’t have to deal with this at that age. There’s numerous studies by the government on bullying. Bullying is more frequent for LGBT individuals. Bullying is even more detrimental when you’re forced to be around the same people constantly, and the teachers ignore it; it creates a sense of helplessness. Bullying that occurs early in life has been shown to lead to depression, anxiety, and obesity. Even personality flaws such as low self-esteem, and a lack of assertiveness. Bullying doesn’t cause this for everyone, but it’s more likely.

    At this point it’s no longer an argument about whether bullying can trigger traumatic events. I think it’s about time the schools and teachers start taking some of the blame for this. Especially if the family and student was reporting it.

  8. If he’s 18 I can see why the school didn’t take it seriously. This was a legal adult!

    I’m assuming they were letting him attend because he didn’t want to pay for GED classes.

    He was not pushed to his limit either. He bought the weapon two weeks early and plotted just like those white dudes at columbine.

    Someone was going to get it eventually.

  9. Meh. They got what was coming. At the end of the day if they would have left him alone they wouldn’t have been hurt. Unfortunate the one bullied had to have that fate and kill them but I’m sure they had been bullying him prior but does anyone know how long this has been going on?

    Maybe they were threatening to hurt him as well. Yeah, folks get teased for being fat, ugly, a hoe…blah blah …yada yada..They can lose weight, get plastic surgery, become an escort..or whatever if they work hard for it.

    Torturing folks for liking the same sex.and tellin them they wrong for it and threatening to cause them harm? Now I’m fortunate, my grandma and Aunt are loving folks they don’t care really what I do but everyone folks aren’t like that…

    When was the last time someone got jumped for being overweight?

    This “kid stuff” is so overblown…”Kids” are just as capable of heinous crimes as adults and adults still bully each other as well continuing on from when they were “kids” but they were supposed to change once they grew up.

    Fighting off folks like this is Dragon Ball Z doesn’t always work. And when 5 dudes, jump and beat the hell outta somebody and murder them…those fist of fury are futile. Liking men is something that can make you a target and get you killed quickly…it’s the death penalty in some countries. Unless, someone knows some Matrix moves, folks should carry something to protect themselves if they feel uncomfortable/unsafe, people are crazy these days, rapist, murderers, homophobots and they don’t need really any much of a reason too off you, much less think you are a sissy or look weak.

    Anywho, the lost of life is always a bad thing, but lets not act like karma pauses and says…”Well, let’s consider this child.” That’s the way humans think but it isn’t the way nature works. Sometimes folks get dealt an unfortunate hand and their deck is discarded quickly. In this instance, karma was a double edged sword and she got a piece of all three of them.

    1. Your dismissive attitude about people getting bullied about other things besides being gay sounds quite self centered actually.

      People get teased for being fat even in adulthood. Who isn’t aware of that?!

      I hope you’re perfect 24/7 otherwise you might. One mistake and you might “get what’s coming” as well. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. This one is a hard one to look at. It’s hard because kids today are NOTHING like those I grew up with and fought against. We fought with hands/fists, and if you got your ass kicked, you had a chance at some point to redeem yourself!

    Nowadays, kids kill one another for looking at them wrong. It’s crazy. If you saw kids being picked on, you would tell people to leave the kid alone. Now, it will get you jumped if you put in your two cents. Kids today are mad disrespectful and don’t seem to give a damn. I see it daily and it’s frightening how doomed this generation is…and they don’t seem to care.

    1. And the smart ones know that from the jump! Part of street smarts these days is just knowing that anything goes, if you want to get reckless, be prepared for anything! THat´s why I like to stay home and mind my own business LOL

    2. They are. They even challenge adults. Kids were bad back then too but they a beast now & I’m not seeing how folks be missing it and like someone said early, I’m surprised the school is not being held at fault or something. With him being LGBT, they’d most likely put him in solitary confinement away from the other prisoners if he’s lucky.

      I’m sure plenty of y’all know folks that have been to prison and I know sum of you saw that prison Rape vid before as well. I mean Rape does happen, dudes do get bitched out but it aint all THAT common unless you are a child molester or something…really depends on the location…(Never get caught up in a Brazilian prison; you’re pretty much fuked there in you are a pedophile or whatever). Some places have special areas for LGBT and elderly inmates. He better request protective custody during that hearing.

    3. Naw in my experience and kids only resort to this if they can’t fight with their hands.

      Now I work with black and brown kids that will get a gun to rob someone but not to kill someone at school. He was disturbed.

  11. I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about killing my bullies. I just never had the gut to do it.

    The two boys deserved it, whether you like it or not, people have their limits. To be honest, it’s the school’s fault because if they knew he was being bullied but did nothing just because he’s 18 then they should be held responsible as well. Student is a student regardless of their age.

    As a teacher, principle, babysitter etc. you are responsible for my child once he/she enters your domain. Now do your fucking job and make sure my child comes back in one piece.

    I completely agree with Jammy. Kids are capable of heinous crimes as adults. Yeah, hello, Africa and the Middle East where you have boys, no more than 10 to 12 years of age, killing people. Don’t let that young appearance fool you. And right now on Netflix, they have City of God, a Brazilian film, which I highly recommend everyone to watch.

    I’m telling you the bullying needs to take it down a notch.

    Someone in the comment section is giving me an impression that he used to be a bully hence why he doesn’t understand why Abel did what he did. “He’s disturbed” Um yeah, being called a faggot, a spic, punched in the face and treated as an outcast plus being bullied outside of school can mess someone up mentally.

    1. @Lindo and @Jammy….you guys are spot on..unless you have personally evaluated this kid being disturbed is not an diagnosis of anything

    2. LMAO!

      I’m from the deep south and I can assure you I’ve had it worse than anyone, except I had no safe place or person.

      We don’t even call it bullying where I’m from. It just is what it is. Whether you get it from family or school.

      Adapting and being strong wasn’t a choice. I can appreciate those family members, coaches, bullies making me the assertive, take no shit person I am today.

      That’s the thing about victim mentality, you never consider there are people who have endured the same things or worse that have chosen not to be the eternal victim.

      So what’s his defense going to be if he wasn’t “emotionally disturbed”?

      Self defense for name calling and pencil throwing?

      Nah I’ve never wanted to kill anyone no matter how bad shit got because even as a child I didn’t want to go to jail or hell.

  12. Meh, the ‘toughen up” mentality is overrated imo, especially today. One can defend him/herself and come off as problematic, where further deteriorates your self esteem. There is just a lot of politics when it comes situations like this. And where I live, whooping somebody ass can come with a bullet with your name on it. You just have to try to separate yourself from the situation was much as possible. Also, adults need to be held accountable to helping cultivate that kind of culture.

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