So 50 Is Out Here Outing Diddy?

i saw a wolf get on the train last week.
legit looked like curtis jackson aka 50.
i woulda let him smash.
curtis had me side eye him heavy today tho.
he threw some shade at diddy that was so out of pocket.
this is what he put on his ig

in reference to this picture:

i mean,
it looks a little sus,
but 50…

you don’t have room to font.
he threw even more at diddy just now:

at this point

Does Diddy even care?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “So 50 Is Out Here Outing Diddy?”

  1. Diddy is officially a billionaire…you think he give a damn what 50 Cent has to say?! LOL
    50 should just keep his mouth shut. As annoying as I find Diddy to be at times, 50 is worse. Like his comments hold any substance. He doesn’t have the pull he used to…back when he was hot.
    Diddy takes care of his kids, even his non-biological child, Q.
    50 basically disowned his first born because the boy didn’t want to side with him against his mom. And PUBLICLY I might add. So, really 50?! You want to be messy like that?!

    1. Never liked 50. Not attractive to me, and while he does have a few classics, hes a thing in the past. Hes an asshole through and through.
      People who try to use homosexuality as an attack (whether they are or aren’t) just prove that they really don’t have anything of substance to attack them on. (Their character, their work ethic, etc) Calling someone (who isn’t) gay doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s not good or bad, rather it’s just him trying to inflect negative stereotypes onto homosexuality. if he recipient (no pun intended) knows this, they know that they’re not being insulted. If Diddy were smart, and knows where he stands, he would know he has nothing to respond to.

      50 just showed the world that Diddy has him shook.

      BUT HE GAY DOE! <<smh lol. Keep talking 50, keep making an ass out of yourself.

  2. Curtis sit yo bitch azz down somewhere, knowing you had a stash of gay porn that was found at your home a couple of years ago by some people visiting yo crib. It is so obvious you like Boyz and it is okay. Be careful those streets are gonna spill your back in the day tea of your thug loving years in Queens.

  3. I think it’s one of those situations where what he’s saying may be true but he knows no one takes what he says seriously lol

    People been saying Puff swings both ways for decades.

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