Durrell Was Out Here Suckin WHAT For 21 Years?

durrell babbs aka tank,
was one of the celebs that helped me realize i like wolves.

when he first came on the scene,
his bawdy>>>>>
a bawdy that he has still kept the upkeep on too:

durrell still remains to be the sexiest,
but shortest,
male r&b singing wolves out there right now.

tremaine will always lead that pack for me tho.
everyone wants a piece of that.
males included.
well at a recent concert in mississippi,
everyone assumed he said he was…


this is what was recorded

i think he said he has eaten a lot pussy in his 41 years on earth.
i also think he said he was…


…which would make sense.
how hard was he suckin?
i doubt he said anything to fuck his career up like that.
durrell ain’t crazy.

lowkey: why is tank not bigger than he is?
he has longevity tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Durrell Was Out Here Suckin WHAT For 21 Years?”

  1. If he did say what everyone thought he said, It would explain why he performs at LGBT functions. Lol

    I think Tank hasn’t had radio friendly singles, he hasn’t really promoted his albums, and he hasn’t had a good team backing him. It also may be a bad record deal with him label. Him, Shanice Wilson, Ro James, Mario, Tamia, Marsha Ambrosius, hell even Ameriie (she can’t stand with them vocally, but her pen game is NASTY) are CRIMINALLY underrated. Goes to show talent may get you there, but it may not keep you there.

    1. ^agreeeeeeeeed!!!
      tank with a powerful team…
      i bet he would be a beast in these forests.
      he has lasted a long time tho.
      gotta give him that.
      i hate his first album is being held hostage by aaliyah’s uncle.

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