we been suckin the demons out these males and not even realizing it

when we’re down on our knees,
we’re actually doing the Lord’s work.
when you got a male shakin’ and callin’ for The Almighty,
while your mouth is slathering his penis,
who knew those were demons cummin’ out?
well a new jersey pastor claimed he was doing the good Lord’s work.
it has ended up with his tail in jail via “raw story“…

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He Won’t Be The Last Dick You (Allegedly) Suck To Make It Big

i did not see that coming tonight.
i’ve been into all the current harvey weinstein alleged allegations.
it’s been the alleged talk in hollywood for years now.
he isn’t the only one with alleged smoke coming out their forest.
having talent is not easy.
being good looking can be a curse.
they gas you up into thinking:


…but at what price?
as a cub,
you sang/danced/acted/modeled in front of a mirror.
you pretended your bedroom was the main stage.
think: grammys or even the bet awards.
you spent countless hours working on your craft.
you took lessons or even majored in college to perfect it.
it’s a good given natural talent.
i know.
i’ve been there.
the problem is when you have no connections in the industry.
bright lights; big city.
you are literally starting from the bottom up.
that means you gotta hustle harder than some of the others.
the “big breakis a phone call away.
nepotism is their business card.
yours is:

hitting the pavement
getting rejected
having your self esteem lowered

…only to do it over and over again.
you get some little gigs here and there,
but the ultimate goal is your name in lights.
it’s tough and can almost be defeating.
that is until you meet someone

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Durrell Was Out Here Suckin WHAT For 21 Years?

durrell babbs aka tank,
was one of the celebs that helped me realize i like wolves.

when he first came on the scene,
his bawdy>>>>>
a bawdy that he has still kept the upkeep on too:

durrell still remains to be the sexiest,
but shortest,
male r&b singing wolves out there right now.

tremaine will always lead that pack for me tho.
everyone wants a piece of that.
males included.
well at a recent concert in mississippi,
everyone assumed he said he was…


this is what was recorded
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The Aspiring Porno Star Wolf Who Got His First Shine-r In The Foxhole

well i’m flattered.

i think.
remember this foXXX?
NSFW as always…


well who knew the wolf being featured was an aspiring porno star?
who knew my site would be his first promo….

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It’s Hard To Talk When You Deep Throat A Double Barrel

ok i got a rant coming.
that last entry bugged the shit out of me.
what that DJ did pissed me off.
not only did that make us all look bad,
but it was just so thirsty to me.
and this isn’t a “new thing“.
this shit has been going on for a while by these jackals and hyenas
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Flattery Just Gets You Fucked… 4real4real.

Ronald was a cute cute cute boy…
but see, he ain’t know it.

See, Ronald was told all his life that he was attractive, but he ain’t never believe it.
He grew up with a younger brother that got all the attention and all the toys.
This left poor Ronald fighting and rebelling for his parent’s love.
Ronald was also gay and was looking for Wolves to make him feel appreciated.
He would fall for their empty compliments because he wanted love.
He would do whatever these Wolves said because he felt that they “loved” him somehow.
I ain’t recall a night of peen “love”, but whatever.
Ronald fucks, sucks, and ends up alone once they are done with him.


The story of “Ronald” is much like some of ours.
We are looking for that Wolf-In-Armor to come rescue our asses and be our “Beacon of Self Worth“.
Sadly, a Wolf can sniff out low self esteem in a heart beat and use it against us.
Why do we look for validation from others when we need to look in a damn mirror?
Why are we searching for something that can only be found in oneself?
It’s like we are in one dark ass room looking for the door to get out,
but we are too busy feeling around looking for a switch.

I had to ask…

Are you searching through another for your self esteem?

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