tiffany from insecure better not leave the script because the akas will jump her

i knew tiffany,
the character played by amanda seales on insecure,
was an aka (alpha kappa alpha) but it never defined her character to me.
i didn’t even know the 4 characters went to stanford tbh.
even though tiffany brings the bougie energy between the 4,
she isn’t someone that i pay too much attention to.
from what i know,
they never disrespected the aka organization on the show.
the akas (and the whole greek life) is having a fit now because aka “revolt“…

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one of the foxholers knows who may be in a future insecure “love” scene

ya’ll know i’m still depressed over insecure coming to an end,
i’ve been preparing myself for what is about to come.
a foxholer hit me up with this:

this is what kevin savage had to post…

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so i watched the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was home alone,
on 2016 thanksgiving
had a chicken in the oven,
and decided to binge “insecure” on hbo.
of course,
i was late after all the social media chatter about it.


i became a hardcore stan by the end of that final scene in season 1.
you know what scene i’m talmbout.
every time i’m dealing with life shit,
issa rae knows exactly how i’m feeling.
sometimes i think i am like the character “issa”.
unlike my other friends,
it has taken me a minute to get my shit together with my insecurities,
and the fuckbois i tend to fall for.
issa finally dropped the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

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issa rae always had the vision

i believe in the law of attraction and manifestation.
i’ve been working on “inside” by affirmations and therapy.
i think im in the midst of ascension and spiritual awakening.
it’s crazy how i’ve been thinking about doing a vision board again.
one of my creative heroes,
issa rae,
confirmed just how manifestation works on ig…

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feeling “insecure” more than eva

i’m “issa/season 3 of insecure” at this moment of my life.
at first i didn’t get where that season was going,
but these days,
i relate with it more than ever.
that last episode of the season,
she UN-packed and set up shit to start over.
oh hi,
me too!
we been waiting for this new season of “insecure“.
we been waiting for that like we waiting for rihanna to drop this damn album.
like crackheads.
we like crackheads ya’ll..
the teaser dropped and well…

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you either slay your “giants” or you tame them

we all have giants that are blocking our blessings.
it could be crippling depression or anxiety,
the fear of not knowing where our lives are going,
or the insecurity of confronting a sexuality that we keep hidden away.
in order to get to the next level in our lives,
we have to either slay or tame these giants.
if you don’t,
they will kill you day by day.
a foxholer begged me to watch a web series on youtube.
i was putting it off for the longest,
but i’ve come to realize that when my soul is starving,
the universe will present something delicious at the right time.
the last couple of days was the right time.
the show was called “giants“…

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