you either slay your “giants” or you tame them

we all have giants that are blocking our blessings.
it could be crippling depression or anxiety,
the fear of not knowing where our lives are going,
or the insecurity of confronting a sexuality that we keep hidden away.
in order to get to the next level in our lives,
we have to either slay or tame these giants.
if you don’t,
they will kill you day by day.
a foxholer begged me to watch a web series on youtube.
i was putting it off for the longest,
but i’ve come to realize that when my soul is starving,
the universe will present something delicious at the right time.
the last couple of days was the right time.
the show was called “giants“…

…and it took me through so many emotions for 2 seasons.
i saw myself in each of thse characters.
i’m legit blown away at how good this series was.
it was created,
and acted by james bland.
issa rae and jussie smollett
with the help ofleadersup,
executive produced the series.
the show appeared on issa’s youtube channel.
j. august richards,
who i know from “angel“,
also had a hand within the series as consulting producer as well.
he also acted in one,
and directed some of the episodes in season 2.
this had some major backing from 3 very big names.
so the show follows 3 characters:

malachi – james bland
journee – vanessa baden kelly
ade – sean samuels

they’re battling their own giants as they navigate life in cali.

malachi is a creative who moved from georgia to california.
he stopped pursuing his dreams of poetry so he’s just “there”,
trying to make ends meet with no real purpose.

he has no real direction of next steps.

ade is a dance teacher who is dl and struggling with his sexuality.
in a foxhole relatable,
he’s dodging being outed  while being in love with a straight wolf.

journee is a suffering maniac depressive.
her mental illness won’t allow her to keep a job for too long.

she can’t get out of bed on some days,
and while malachi tries to motivate her,
he doesn’t have the energy to motivate herself.

this show was so well acted and produced.
the music in the show set the mood perfectly.
i loved it featured faces that looked like mine.
this is such a great time to be alive with all this black talent,
behind and in front of the screens.
a week ago,
vanessa and terrence terrell (kwasi) took home daytime emmys for the show.

along with that,
the show has been winning awards left and right.

major congrats to them!
much deserved.

i named this era and chapter of my life,
i have a few i need to slay.
good art 
can help turn the gears of progress and change.
i want you all to check out “giants” when you get a chance.
if you’re like me,
by the end of the second season,
you’ll be inspired to start confronting the giant(s) within you.
check out the first episode:

let me know what you think.

lowkey: james bland is everything.


you know i love a handsome face,
a big nose,
and a creative mind.
i’m full steam ahead in crush.

pictures/videos cc: instagram

read more about “giants”: website

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “you either slay your “giants” or you tame them”

  1. I’ve watched this series maybe about a year ago and really enjoyed it. It’s like this week I started seeing people post about the show on IG so I looked on youtube looking for a new season and there wasn’t one so I started watching the series again today. I heard the show is suppose to be airing on the E channel, but can’t find it do anyone knows that to be true.

  2. I love this show and the cast. had the pleasure of meeting most of them and they are beautiful souls. Giants is one of THE best shows made this decade.

  3. Also, this show could be called Giants cuz all the guys are tall as hell lol. Sean Samuels, Terrence Terrell and CJ are like 6’3, James Bland is 6’8.

  4. I think JR is a resident in our forests….Upon reviewing his IG, he is friends with Sir Chidi who is known fox/fake hybrid.

  5. I love this show. It’s well written, well directed, and well acted. My fave character is Ade. His gentleness and struggle with self-confidence are two things I identify with. I also found the actor, Sean Russell, playing Ade to be beautiiful. Terrance Terrell and James Bland are sexy too. I hope there’s more seasons soon.


        BINYA BINYA!

  6. I caught the show on YouTube from its debut season 1. Definitely one of the best things on any airwaves. I wish BET or HBO would pluck it…or even OWN. So happy for the awards it is receiving.

  7. Great show and great writing and acting. Foxhole the show is full of family men. JR is a hybird who is really into the yella brothers now if only his height matched ….. TT is solid and would be a great catch for somebody . JB is all good in my book he was dating a tall model who was linked to E Murphy’s daughter Also one of the producers who is tall and bearded is openly gay… It as they say a ” Family Affair”

  8. I loved seeing a big, brown skinned Black male lead and two dark skinned Black men in love on screen.

    Hopefully they get a third season now that they’ve won. I’d love to see Giants on Netflix or some other platform where I don’t have to wait between episodes.

    BTW sexy ass James Bland’s ex-bf Jussie is out of work so maybe he’ll get a part on the show

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