the “sisters” are disowning james charles (bye sisters!)

happier times?
ya know,
i can see why people are so hesitant to help others.
it is a risk in taking someone under your wing,
be their biggest cheerleader,
making them serious money,
and then getting your neck sliced ala “the red wedding“.
so everyone has been talking about the tati vs james charles drama.
foxholers have been updating me on twitter as the story went on.
they’re two beauty gurus that fell out over james alleged buffoonery.
in a nutshell…

tati took james under her wing and helped him get to the level he is now.
when he was broke and hungry,
he was at his most genuine.
she and her husband helped negotiate deals to make him a millionare.
as soon as he got some power,
that’s when he became an alleged purebred asshole.
he allegedly went behind her back and collaborated with a rival company.
this is her side of the story:

she also revealed how he allegedly tries to turn out straight wolves.
this is a video of it all here w/ text messages:

this is the wolf in question,

well james took to his youtube to apologize:

he has something on th side of his lips thats grossing me tf out.
first of all,

does he wear glasses?
this looks very “i’m trying to look down to earth”.
in most “apology” videos,
they often make them look very “raw” and “i’m a real person“.
so the story has a ton of layers.
there are so much deeper levels to it that i need multi-entries.
i’m inspired.
if this story is the way it comes off,
james should have been forever grateful to tati for putting him on.
i thought tati came off genuine in her statement.
it looked like he started to move real funny when he “made it”.
james has done a few questionable things in his past.
it’s hard to not see him as:

i’ve seen this happen so many times tho.
or age be damned.

Folks fuck over their day 1s and their secrets come flying out

they bite the paws that fed them and are left to starve.
as many before him,
he ruined a great connection with his antics.
i hear he his “sisters” aren’t fuckin with him as heavy anymore.
we figured he would have been humbled over x ( the “ebola” incident ).
he needed something harder.

lowkey: he wears way too much make up.
he often doesn’t look human to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “the “sisters” are disowning james charles (bye sisters!)”

  1. The same str8 women who called james charles a sexual predator are also the same ones who make sexual comments on hot gay men dms and also leaving sexual comments on the hot gay men Instagram pages and sexually assaulting hot gay men at gay clubs.

  2. Tati is friends with racist Jeffrey Star he congratulated her for reaching a million subscribers so I didn’t trust her and James took back his apology on Snapchat

    1. So Gage is bicurious and got flewed out. What he thought was going to happen? lol Also, im conflicted. We all want the straight guy of our dreams.

      1. He will use this to gain more followers. Gage admitted that James got popular way too fast. James might need to take a break from both YouTube AND being a make-up artist to figure out why he has been so messy. I went to his IG and he was invited to the Met Gala this year. So, the kid has influence, he just needs to grow up and be mature.

        1. Wtf is a “straight” guy going on a getaway with @jamescharles anyway? You think said “straight” guy didnt know what he was doing? Stop it already.

  3. The shame is this is only gonna feed into the heavily deluded mindset a lot of straight men have that all gays want them and would do anything to get them.The amount of straight worship in the gay community helps this narrative too. This Tati woman is way too old to be pressed about a teen but she is crafty, she threw in this ” gay predator” angle so the focus wouldn’t be squarely on her battered ego. We get fucked in the process.

  4. I do find it funny how James clearly exhibited signs of having a large ego according to Tati before being put on, yet she still went out her way to help him. As much as I agree with Tati and I get the whole “rose-tinted glasses” shabang, it does come across as her only doing this because he “crossed” her.

    Makes me question if she would’ve even made this video had he not promoted Sugar Bear Hair.

  5. dude is being accused of being a predator. The accuser didn’t say anything until he endorsed a product that competed with her own. Basically, they’re all shady characters. Because so call straight men lay with him, let me say this no one can make a man do anything he don’t want to! I knw this is a fact I’ve been turned down because the guy was truly straight, only happen 2times in my life but the rest Fuk!

  6. So, if I’m understanding this correctly…

    Instead of allowing his fame and influence to reel in all the bi-curious and DL men (who I’m sure were all over his DMs) to his trade-loving heart’s content, he chose to jeopardize his public image, maybe even his career, by chasing after straight men that clearly didn’t want him or were in relationships because they were a “challenge,” right?

    This obsession a lot of gay men have with straight men has us all out here looking stupid, smh.

    1. ^sounds about right.

      i’d be all over the bi curious and dl wolves that wanted a piece.
      by this point,
      because of your fame,
      you can get access to the finest “i know who i am and what i like” males.

  7. Goodt riddancedt. I give zero fucks about these overpaid, racist ass, white YouTubers. They’re so goddamned annoying anyway.

    Meanwhile unproblematic Black YouTubers are having their accounts locked out once they garner too many subscribers.

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