so ya’ll don’t want “star” no more?

i thought everyone was watching “star” on fox?
i figured it was a popular show.
i didn’t think it would have gotten cancelled today via “tv line“…

Fox no longer has Star in its eyes: The network has cancelled the Empire companion series after three seasons, TVLine has learned.

In its third season, the Atlanta-based drama — which starred Queen Latifah, Brandy Norwood, Jude Demorest, Brittany O’Grady, Ryan Destiny, Amiyah Scott, Quincy Brown and Luke James — averaged 3.5 million viewers and a 1.06 demo rating (in Live+Same Day numbers). That’s down from Season 2’s 4.1 mil/1.3 average, while the show hit series lows as recently as May 1.

The Season 3 finale — which aired on Wednesday — ended on a major cliffhanger, with multiple lives hanging in the balance.

i thought this show was a hit amonst everyone?????
i was gonna start watching for quincy and lance gross,

that’s the question of the day.
i got a number of shows i gotta catch up on i’m slackin’ on.
game of thrones” has me hooked at the moment.
they said they’ll be shopping “star” around other channels to be picked up.
i can see it being reborn on netflix like they did with “luther“.
i’m sure those who watched it want a conclusion.

lowkey: they canceled “the steve harvey show” too.
they were ruthless.

lowkey: variety

15 thoughts on “so ya’ll don’t want “star” no more?

  1. Star was so fucking confusing to me. I lost interest quickly like I did with that stupid YouTube show ‘Free Fall’.

    Star shouldn’t have been cancelled if it was doing well, but that’s what networks do to Black shows once their revenues increase due to Black viewership. Fox is notorious for that. They’ve done it several times in the 30 years they’ve been on the air. I know yall remember when Martin, New York Undercover, and Living Single got the ax for a bunch of dumb ass white shows.

    BTW I think Lee’s being blacklisted for something, but that’s another story for another post.

  2. Don’t worry, “Pose” will still the spotlight and is around the corner for season2.

  3. I want to dieeeeee now that STAR is gone chile. I can’t live. my homegirl literally called me crying and we cried together. If you’re a music head than you know even the bops on this show was waaaayyyy better than Empire they even had me bumping the hell out that song with Miss Lawrence and Queen Latifah. It actually made me consider wanting to be religious again and not to mention the drama chile was some of televisions best work. Now the acting could be used some work but it was still good all the same. SMH we can’t have nothing good

  4. I’m getting in a mood where I’m just tired of seeing a lack of diversity. I was excited about Star but it waned when Lee decided to have a token white character, a random, seem like the center of the show.

    Game of Thrones went down the drain in season 5. They started killing off all the minorities and LGBT characters. Come to find out season 5 was when the team of writers became white males only.

    I don’t know why so many black people watch Game of Thrones. It’s not for us. Don’t give me that bullshit about how it doesn’t matter. Numerous studies show how detrimental it is for black people to constantly see white washed casts or themselves portrayed as slaves/criminals.

    1. ^was there even black folks in that era of “game of thrones”?

      i like “game of thrones” because the plot and story are interesting.
      there are many life lessons within than show.
      i’m not hung up on the lack of diversity on that show because i watch a number of shows where my people are represented and they are popular among us and mainstream media.

      1. Yes, Jamari. Black people didn’t pop into existence for the purpose of slavery. You should look into The Moors. The Middle Ages were called “The Dark Ages” because of the stagnation of creativity and culture in Europe. The rest of the world, including Africa and Asia were FLOURISHING. Black people were the first people, so we’ve always been here. Also, Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther, will be playing an African Samurai. YES. We are in EVERY SINGLE CULTURE. Even when slaves, we leave a mark on culture no matter how hard they try to erase it.

        And if you didn’t know, Buddha is Black. Those are nappy curls on his head. What Asian culture has the elongated earlobes? No “modern day Asian” has that hair texture. And even “Asian eyes” are not Asian. They’re called epicanthal folds. These eye coverings developed to protect the eye from sand. Many peoples who originated in dry desert areas have them.

        Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

        1. Yes! You better educate us. I love Game of Thrones but I agree that the ball was definitely dropped when it came to black representation.

  5. The show became “Atlanta Gay Culture” After season 1. I was up to date, sad to see it cancelled.

  6. I can see this moving to BET, it’s like the same show formula to Boomerang. More black creatives need to invest into better content on BET and this could be the beginning. No one I know watches that channel anymore and this could help reset.

    1. ^was boomerang any good?
      i was gonna get into that one.
      i started one episode of “games people play” for lauren and “dro” from “insecure”.

      it was pretty decent but i gotta catch up

    2. BET and I are not on speaking terms. They ruined The Game. So when I saw “Blue” on Insecure, I was NOT here for him. Lawrence has been canceled before Insecure aired.

  7. I was on an episode of this show at Vlive strip club in Atlanta. Quincy and Evan was on set that day and the rest of the cast. To me the show was one of the best things on tv at the moment. How does empire get renewed and not Star. Doesnt make any sense. And apparently Im not the only one who feels this way. They storming ig taking lee to task and asking Q why they canceling the show. I think they have a petition going on. That ending was crazy and they didnt have to do Derek G ma like that. Fox at it with its shenanigans again
    They’ll end up regretting this decision. Hopefully they’ll pick it up on Netfix. If not we have some creative minds here in Atlanta and come up with something better forcthe kids to watch. Its time for new ideas to be put on the table and come up with more orignal and more diverse content. I also thing its time for a gay male lead particularly of color. Time for me to get to producing!

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