(hey sisters!) james charles is pregnant

you read right.

James Charles is pregnant

he posted this

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the twink lovers are already up inside jame charles… dms?

well the sisters and twink fox lovers were in for a treat!
i can’t font that i was,
but eh.
so james charles was allegedly hacked today.
this is what someone grabbed while his account was being assaulted:

“cock” sounds about right.
well james took to his twitter to post this

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they think gay males are the only predators out here

that james charles saga had many layers.
i fonted in the initial entry yesterday that i saw many things.
as you heard within tati’s revelations about james,
he allegedly preyed and was trying to turn out straight males.
someone compiled a video on twitter for review:

a few days before,
james addressed about gage on his twitter titled:

you can read it here:

don’t get me wrong,
in this social media area,
there are a ton of messy gay jackals who can prey on straight males but…
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the “sisters” are disowning james charles (bye sisters!)

happier times?
ya know,
i can see why people are so hesitant to help others.
it is a risk in taking someone under your wing,
be their biggest cheerleader,
making them serious money,
and then getting your neck sliced ala “the red wedding“.
so everyone has been talking about the tati vs james charles drama.
foxholers have been updating me on twitter as the story went on.
they’re two beauty gurus that fell out over james alleged buffoonery.
in a nutshell…
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ya’ll need to respect james charles boundaries

i don’t think many people forget what that means.
i get you are a fan of your favorite celeb/online presence,
but to show up at their crib?
without even an invite?
make up guru,
james charles,
recently experienced fans/stans not respecting his boundaries.
this is what he tweeted
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i don’t like looking dehydrated in ig comments

i don’t like commenting on certain wolves igs,
especially ones i’ve fonted about.
i don’t “do” dehydrated.
i’ve commented on shit before,
to like tremaine or bk brandon,
but it’s never on some:

“i want your pipe in my mouth”

…type of time.
i try to be respectful and have boundaries on other’s pages.
i might be the only one.
so today,
i saw a screen recording from shawn mendes ig.
he was recording live,
but i don’t know if it was recent or old.
a make up youtuber,
by the name of james charles,
left a comment…

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