they think gay males are the only predators out here

that james charles saga had many layers.
i fonted in the initial entry yesterday that i saw many things.
as you heard within tati’s revelations about james,
he allegedly preyed and was trying to turn out straight males.
someone compiled a video on twitter for review:

a few days before,
james addressed about gage on his twitter titled:

you can read it here:

don’t get me wrong,
in this social media area,
there are a ton of messy gay jackals who can prey on straight males but…

i’ll need some of these straight wolves to stop OD flirting with us.
some of us can’t tell if they’re bisexual,
or just attention seeking.
they can play both sides really well.

Oh straight male foxhole reading,
don’t act coy.

many straight wolves KNOW that gay males are attracted to them.
they will flirt and play with our emotions,
but will pull out suddenly and have you out here looking crazy.
they can play “the coquette” really well.

The Coquette (n) – a person who likes to attract attention by behaving as if they’re is sexually interested in people, in a pleasant but not serious way

those types will play hot and then go cold in a second.
they come back playing hot to further reel you in.
it can be annoying because they usually fit the “prototype” of your fantasies,
especially when aren’t in the life all like that.

that being fonted,
there is this disgusting assumption that only gay males are sexual predators.
i guess all those poor young girls,
raped and murdered by predatory straight hyenas,
don’t count,

i’ve seen PLENTY of vixens complain about straight males being super thirsty,
good looking or not.

there are news articles of ones who’ve used violence because they were rejected.
the amount of jackals who harass lesbians,
claiming they can turn them straight by giving them some penis,
is astronomical.
on the flip side,
i’ve heard of males who have been turned out by predators with vaginas.
it’s bragging rights for “alpha points”,
but if the tables were turned,
it would be sexual molestation.
let’s be real.

for some,
what james is doing is an issue,
while others think tati is being homophobic.
whatever the case may be…

You can’t turn out any straight male,
of legal age,
who wasn’t interested in the first place

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “they think gay males are the only predators out here”

  1. This story is picking up steam in the Black Gay community. I have seen it on several websites that I frequent. It is nice to see a White man labeled a predator when a Black guy is going to jail for 12 years for kissing a White girl. We have been labeled the “super predator”…because we are so alluring. Admitting that we are, (according to Herodotus when seeing Black men in Asia” “The Ethiopians to whom this embassy was sent are said to be the tallest and handsomest men in the whole world”) would make White men mediocre. So it cannot be that a White woman is attracted to us. WE must be pursuing her.

    We were made into eunuchs. Imagine being so shook by a Black man who is your slave that you castrate him so he cannot give your wife the D?

    Apparently James catfished the sports teams at his highschool. That was always weird and creepy to me. I never understood guys who wanted to dress up like girls to get male attention. Never understood the “baiting” pages that used to be on Tumblr. I want a guy to say “Yo, look”, I look up and points at his erection (has happened several times)

    Any man attracted to THAT hole, in my opinion does not have good taste. So I would not want him.

  2. The tweet:

    “So not only is James Charles a fake friend,charges 500$ to see him, a trash singer and a gay man who goes after straight men but he also catfished the entire soccer team in his high school as a girl so that he can get dick pics???
    It’s HIGHHH time this predator gets cancelled.”


    Apparently he made Ebola jokes about Africa as if most of the diseases there are not government experiments. He was canceled before his blow up doll looking self began. Imagine paying for lips and your mouth looking like an open wound. I would get a refund.

  3. I also agree no one can be turned out unless they have thought about it before. We all know gay men prey on the straight men, but as you pointed out, the straights do it as well. I do not know much about James, but I do not have the time or patience to try to turn out anyone. I think it is a dangerous game to play as well. You are setting yourself up for so much hurt, and you are robbing yourself of finding someone that really cares about you.

  4. Straight women are sexual predators to gay men and they need to be called out by gay men but gay men are too scared to call out straight women this behavior because they don’t want to be called misogynistic gay men are bunch of cowards

  5. I dont know who this snow dude is and I am not taking the time to read up on him or even care but on to the issue of Str8 males and the games they play. I am witness of being Geeked up behind a Str8 male flirting only to get my face cracked and having to pick it up off the floor when I really thought it was something there. It hit me hard and left me embarrassed and feeling so damn stupid that I would let my guard down to be tricked by a Str8 Devil. This situation made me stronger and let me know that Str8 men are only to be viewed as a fantasy from a distance, never give them the attention they so desperately want. They know exactly what they are doing when they flirt with gay men. I find out now when you ignore their asses they will actually try to be up in your space

  6. Who scared? I ain’t. I’ll tell a woman in a heartbeat to back the fuck up & don’t put your hands on me or toss me in her, “You too cute to be gay box.” Begone Thot!!

    Also, is this the same high maintenance lip gloss poppin dude from last post with the rude attitude?

    That is a grown ass man. That is not some innocent housewife in an abusive relationship and if he really made jokes about Africa, Fuck him..He gets not an ounce of sympathy. They should cancel him out as fast as they suited up to cancel Jussie.

    I’m not here for the “White Plight”. Yes, he is a predator. He is not the only predator but he is one. He is a part of a popularized category that gay men crave. Though I don’t deny a man that looks good looks good..I don’t get how you can obsess over someone that finds you disgusting.

    I’ve never heard of Lesbians doing anything like this or even straight women pretending to be lesbians like some hetero dudes be doing.

    I don’t think she was being homophobic. She was just calling a spade a spade.

    I need to read more on this person. Not about the situation but about what has he done to get such press.

  7. I’m dead as crying reading this my friend and I got into it so horribly tonight because I decided to confront him on why he lies to me as if I am his mom or dad or his girl. And when I did he hits me with the “this is the kind of reaction I get from my gf’s youre actibg like my girl” And he also flirts A LOT with me and says and does thing like brush up on me and call me “papi” things I mentioned straight men don’t do and he really tried to spin it and say it’s cause he adapts to he’s dealing with I was so freaking crushed but we left it on good terms as far as he thinks but he’s a complete narcissist I should send the foxhole pics and breakdown the full story it’s sickening. I’ve always felt ugly and like almost every guy is out of my league but I think better of myself my last few years but with that being said I never initiate anything. If a guy is interested has to approach me and some of yal know how that is as a gay man we don’t want to be rejected as we so often are and don’t want to be punched for coming at a dude crazy and etc. Im so over this. I rather just accept being lonely forever and avoid this kind of mess. I hate this. Why is it like this for us?

  8. Also, I cut str8 bullshit down almost immediately. I remember when I was just 20, I met this straight dude who acted like he likes me and led me on and then when a female came around he was never gay. He was just being cool. We used to hang and play games, I remember even buying him on of those DBZ games on PS2. Yep, I gots no play, in fact, the night when I did stay at his place & had hope he’d like me finally…He instead phoned a bitch & fucked his bedroom while I was in the other room.

    When I tell you I was crushed…but I learned a valuable lesson that day. When I was preparing to leave out of state he confronted me & was wondering if I could stay & we could get to know each other better. I told him, “No thanks. I’m moving on with my life.” Got in the car and the door closed with a smile face. That was my period of growth. The first time I didn’t allow myself to be a doormat for someone’s ego

    I don’t take shit from str8 dudes (or gay) with any wish-washy signs. You gotta be concrete with me or I’m nipping that ass in the bud.

    The last time this happened was a cute Hawaiian dude at my job but he sent mixed signals a lot. He gave me the “Imma fuck you” smirks & everything then five minutes later it was like nothing… Hm, okay..Bye. Cut him loose right then. Not today energy vampire.

    Why I’m glad the bf I have don’t do none of that. Get with a dude who can look at you a certain way & your dick get hard or your booty start gasping for air….oh and can make you laugh. 😂🤣 Fawk them wish-washy hetero narcissists.

    1. YES! Wishy-washy ass hetero narcissists. I’m dealing with one now. I be ready to slap the fire outta his ass. He really think he’s my damn n*gga. The moment I check his ass, he ‘ll say “Why you so damn emotional?!” Like wtf?!

    2. ^i loved this and learned the same as well.

      thanks everyone for sharing your truths in here!
      i love when we can all come together and share our past/current struggles.

  9. I don’t like this clown, but are we really about to act brand new? We all know damn well there’s a league of foxes that want someone “straight” or “straight acting” exclusively, then complain about there not being enough wolves lmao. It’s why bottoming is so stigmatized. I won’t lie though, it can be tempting just because of the scenario

    It reminds me of women saying they can’t find a good man, but will bypass a Russell for a Future all day

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