did cersei get what she deserved?

*light spoilers.
don’t read until you watch tonight’s episode

we want to see our enemies suffer.
i know that’s not of “God”,
but it’s normal to want retribution.
i know i’ve desired it with everyone who has done me wrong.
that’s what we all wanted for cersei tonight in “game of thrones“.
we didn’t really get that.
after the show was over,
and i had time to unpack,
i came to a conclusion

She died rather poetic

cersei died at rock bottom.
she was a weeping mess as she knew she was defeated.
she said the red keep was the safest place and it fell down on her.
“game of thrones” is filled with metaphors so that made the most sense to me.
she died alone,
with no one else but her brother,
the karma matches what was put out there.

i would’ve loved to see her:

– get eaten by drogon
– fall through the floor and land on the same spike ned stark’s head was on
– jamie killing her a double suicide

maybe those things would have been too grand for her?
jamie always said he wanted to die in the arms of the woman he loves.
his arc is pretty much complete.
he loves cersei and went out like an entire idiot for his sister.
brienne dodged a bullet.

sidebar: it’s safe to say ellaria pretty much was crushed to death in her cell?
you know she’s down there watching her daughter rot.

this was all built up for dany to become the mad queen.
she burned the entire king’s landing to the ground

Is there even a throne left?

lowkey: once i watched the making of the episode,
i got it…

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “did cersei get what she deserved?”

  1. Well, I don’t watch it but I surely know how she died…Though, with that Brady Bunch wig she had on, she probably deserved it…

    But despite what happened to her in the basement….What if she didn’t die?

    Or is this sort of a play on real life? Sometimes “innocent” people die horribly & it seems like the worse of the worse get off with slaps on the wrist sometimes.

    1. Indeed it does. I no longer wait on Karma. I exact 1,000 cuts, give you some neosporin then cut you all over again. I am never one to cross. Because people will kick a puppy every day and then when they’re on their death bed are surprised that the puppy watches them die.

  2. Ugh… idk… I was definitely disappointed! Cersei deserves a much more horrific death, especially after last week decapitating…. you’re explanation regarding it being poetic though kind of makes sense. She’s been completely stone faced this season and last and seeing here break down and cry… literally plead for her life in the arms of Jamie did give some satisfaction. The writers know what they’re doing though, they knew we wanted and expected a grand death and they deliberately did the opposite. Lol.

  3. i was disappointed in the “light spoiler” that was your title… i had not watched it and i purposely slide past the social media comments and spoilers on the net… i was planning on watching monday evening after work, but knowing that cersei died, i was like “fuck it”… please go back to your “i watched (insert show/film/episode here) and…”… please and thank you…

  4. My sister was dragging her for her wig. It’s terrible. She asked who was braiding the incest dragon girl with the white hair because they killed the only Black hairdresser in town.

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