male makeup: the ig filter for real life

for many centuries,
from egyptians to romans,
males have been wearing make up.
i know.
even tho make up has become a staple for vixens,
a shit ton of males have been secretly rocking subtle hints of it.
one of marvin bienaime’s proteges,


caused a lot of chatter when he posted this on his ig…

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the “sisters” are disowning james charles (bye sisters!)

happier times?
ya know,
i can see why people are so hesitant to help others.
it is a risk in taking someone under your wing,
be their biggest cheerleader,
making them serious money,
and then getting your neck sliced ala “the red wedding“.
so everyone has been talking about the tati vs james charles drama.
foxholers have been updating me on twitter as the story went on.
they’re two beauty gurus that fell out over james alleged buffoonery.
in a nutshell…
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f0xmail: I Need Help With Getting A Good Facial!

so i have some beauty updates.
you know i LOVE a good facial.
in more ways than one?
so i got this foxmail from a foxholer:

Jamari, your blog is AMAZING!!!! I enjoy your content, especially about beauty!! That is why I am writing you! I have been having troubles with my skin around my eyes for some time now. The problem I am facing is common. I am having bags/dark circles and fine lines/wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me some products that will help relieve this problem? I’ve heard of the skincare line Kiehl’s . What do you think about them? I’ve never used them. I also wanted to know how can I get rid of dark spots, or acne scars. I heard natural shea butter is good, but it seems like it would take a while to work. Do you know of any good products that work? Thanks so much for your help!

 okay so…
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Welcome To The Health and Beauty Foxhole Store!

 foxholers hit me up all the time and they all say the same.
they bought something that i recommended.
it makes me feel good knowing that.
i try not to steer anyone wrong with my good stuff.
so i was talking to a foxholer about my recent issues with sponsorship.
they recommended that i work with amazon.
i was feeling down so that’s when i’m my most creative.
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I Tested Out A Motion’s Hair Conditioner Tonight And…

0955042080d51e75bdb6b537b7a22b5cso i had to share this with the foxhole before i went to bed.
tonight i decided to wash my hair.
i try to do it every weekend.
i used a regular shampoo,
but in the gift bag from the “harlem fashion row”,
they had a sample of a conditioner from motions.
motions nourish & care active moisture plus conditioner.
what caught my eye is that it had shea butter and coconut oil in it.
i put it in my hair after i shampooed,
left it in a shower cap for like 2 hours as i did my thing,
and well…
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f0xmail: What Is In Your Beauty Bag? Help!



Hey Jamari,
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your site. It is amazing. You have inspired me in so many ways.

The reason, I am writing you is because you are very knowledgeable about many subjects. My question is somewhat trivial.

I wanted to know what beauty products you use. You know for hair, face, skin, personal care, body and etc. What’s your favorite body wash, lotion, shampoo, skin treatment? What beauty tips do you recommend? Thanks so much for your help!!


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