I Tested Out A Motion’s Hair Conditioner Tonight And…

0955042080d51e75bdb6b537b7a22b5cso i had to share this with the foxhole before i went to bed.
tonight i decided to wash my hair.
i try to do it every weekend.
i used a regular shampoo,
but in the gift bag from the “harlem fashion row”,
they had a sample of a conditioner from motions.
motions nourish & care active moisture plus conditioner.
what caught my eye is that it had shea butter and coconut oil in it.
i put it in my hair after i shampooed,
left it in a shower cap for like 2 hours as i did my thing,
and well…

it made my hair jet black,
and soft.
i’m actually really impressed with what it did.
after i washed it out and added coconut oil in my hair,
my hair started to curl up nicely.
i really like the outcome!
i’m very happy with the results.
16608616upon research,
it goes for like 4.99-6.99 at various stores.
check it out!!!

disclaimer: everything is trial and error.
what it did to my hair may not do the same for yours.
always do your research to see what works for your hair!

see more about it: target

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “I Tested Out A Motion’s Hair Conditioner Tonight And…”

  1. Coconut oil by itself works wonders for skin, hair, etc…i bet that is the main ingredient that worked the magic for your hair…it does wonders for melanated skin lol.. oh and i started the new job last Tuesday and I’m loving it so far ;-0 yall pray for me it’s alot of studying classes/clinicals

  2. I’ve faux locks on right now so i can’t use a conditioner, i just wash my hair with H&S shampoo and then Garnier Ultra Doux with Aleo and shea butter, it’s the specific brand for kinky hair. But when i can fully take care of my hair i’m really… crazy about it lol. I wash my hair for an entire day. I start with prepoo mask (egg+olive oil+honey+ conditioner) for like 1h. Then a use H&S + garnier shampoo. after that it’s postpoo mask with garnier repair mask for 1h also. Then i use a mixture of 3 oils (coconut oil, argan oil & castor oil) then shea butter and finally garnier nourishing day cream. And i let my hair dry all night and the day after. I know it can seem too much but i don’t know, it kinda works for me, my hair is really kinky, but soft, really dark and shiny and it keeps growing.

  3. I guess I been slacking. My hair is very thick but I only leave conditioner in for like 5 mins.

    I just bought this though and I’m gonna try it

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