i found out odell beckham jr is cut

look at those thighs.
so i found out that odell beckham jr is cut.
it’s been a fantasy of mine,
let me show you what it looks like…
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another lyon brother from “empire” gets arrested

this is how i remembered hakeem on “empire“.
these days tho?
so is there a curse on the set of “empire”?
first jussie and now it’s bryshere gray aka yazz the greatest.
he was arrested today for driving without the right tags on his car.
not only that,
he behind the wheel without a license or insurance.
this is all on a 2014 rolls royce.
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ryan cleary gets some new head

ryan cleary is one hell of a wolf.
he makes me feel things that i shouldn’t for a taken male.
he’s in a whole relationship so i’m keeping the lust down to volume 3.
God continues to work on me.
well ryan decided to change up his hair recently.
a foxholer sent me in the videos and…
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deven hubbard takes it all off (and i’ll allow it)

so straight gay icon,
deven hubbard,
has a change for this year.
one that i’m thankful for.
he doesn’t have a job or accepts vinny has his alleged soulmate.
he has done something better!

He has cut that dead animal from off his head!

he debuted his new look and…
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usher steps out with a whole new wig for 2019

i think usher is so handsome.
i didn’t like him during his “my way” era,
but he has grown on me over the years.

Why is Usher not mentioned with the r&b greats?

he’s pretty successful in his own right.
usher had me copying his haircut a few years ago.
he brought it back recently:

…but now he has an entirely new cut.
he debuted his “rat pack” stylings on new years eve and well…
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odell beckham jr has finally done it

so baller wolf bae in my head,
odell beckham jr,
has some exciting news.
he’s done something that i prayed for a while.
yes foxhole…
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