deven hubbard takes it all off (and i’ll allow it)

so straight gay icon,
deven hubbard,
has a change for this year.
one that i’m thankful for.
he doesn’t have a job or accepts vinny has his alleged soulmate.
he has done something better!

He has cut that dead animal from off his head!

he debuted his new look and…

he looks ten times better.
i feel like long hair actually ages some folks.
it can look real good on others,
but a fresh or low cut can really turn back the hands of time.
why is this?
let’s hope he can cut the lies about playing ball in germany next.
baby steps tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “deven hubbard takes it all off (and i’ll allow it)”

  1. Well i feel the hair made him he had a lovely grade the color was a bit much i feel he dont have to say hes gay we know he is and he knows as well thats all that matters but im thinking twice about joining his fans only page now the hair was it for me

    1. I fully agree, because Vinny has never said that he was gay, but he has repeatedly shown it. Especially, years ago when he proposed to another man who was his then boyfriend. It was before Deven came along.

  2. I saw this a day or so ago and I agree with you. I WILL ALLOW IT!!!

    I been waiting for these trends to die down where these men run around looking like lost Raggedy Ann dolls or a backup dancer for Seasme Street Live.

    This is how I like men to look at least for me, clean cut and shaven. I like to see a man’s facial features but that’s hard to do when most of them these days are too busy trying to look like Sasquatch.

  3. Naw his hair distacted from his wide mouth n teeth …he needs that hair back…he was unique looking 9/10 with the hair now he a 7/10

  4. MUCH BETTER. he looks good, can’t deny it.

    vinny better get his boo cus bayBAY, he bouts to cut the fuck up.

  5. I’m glad the dead hedgehog that was on his head has been removed. Maybe just me but I don’t see the hype tbh. He’s not all that.

  6. I’m not a fan of his “papi” fade, but at least he looks mature. Now all he needs to do is grow some facial hair. It works wonders for the butterheads, just look at Omarion Ryan.

  7. I definitely think the hair cut is an improvement, however amongst a group of good-looking people I would put him as average. I didn’t like the hair but the biggest problem with it is that it started looking mangy and unmanageable, but in a way it did covey a sense of personality.

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