it was robbin’, kidnappin’, and shit smearin’ season on grindr

the mask in the “grindr” logo should serve as a warning.

You truly don’t know who you’re meeting off that app.

it could be someone of your fantasies,
someone for “right now”,
or someone to ruin your whole life.
for these unlucky victims in the following story,
it happens to be the last one.
so we’ve fonted about the dangers of sex app sites in the past.
i’ve even put up “how-to” guides for our safety.
those guides don’t help when you’re blinded by “horny”.
a foxholer sent me another story about robberies off “grindr”,
but this time the forest is in dallas, texas

A string of violent robberies targeting gay men in Dallas came to an abrupt end after one of their victims, a random Home Depot shopper, managed to get away from his kidnappers and call 911, according to police and court records.

When Dallas police showed up at a vacant apartment where that shopper had been held, they found four of the victims lying face down in an empty bedroom, court records say.

The men had been kidnapped, robbed and beaten when they showed up at the apartment after responding to a fake Grindr post seeking gay men for dates, police say. Five other men also were held and robbed under similar circumstances, according to federal prosecutors.

One victim was smeared with feces and urinated on, court records show. Another was sexually assaulted with an object, the federal indictment says.

Two of the defendants are now facing federal hate crime charges in addition to state robbery charges. At least four men are suspected in the crime spree. One of them was released on bond for a state robbery charge and later cut his ankle monitor and disappeared, according to Dallas County court records.

Pablo Ceniceros-Deleon

That man, Pablo Ceniceros-Deleon, 18, of Dallas, is charged in state court with five counts of aggravated robbery in connection with the alleged conspiracy. He fled in May of last year while on state pretrial release and remains a fugitive, court records show. His attorney could not be reached.

Daniel Jenkins, 19, and Michael Atkinson, 24, are in federal custody after being accused of taking part in the armed assaults of at least nine men during the first two weeks of December 2017, according to an updated 15-count federal indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Jenkins and Atkinson, of Dallas, are charged in federal court with hate crimes, kidnapping, carjacking, and using a firearm during a crime of violence. Jenkins also is charged in state court with sexual assault.

The federal indictment refers to other members of the conspiracy. It was unclear how many suspects were involved in the string of kidnappings and robberies. Federal authorities declined to comment Thursday on the scope of the case, and Dallas police could not be reached.

fuckin’ scary.
we can font about how to protect yourself,
but at this point,
there is no sure way of doing so.
either you’re on it or off.
we live in a climate where jobs are hard to come by,
the demons are being raised out of jackals and hyenas,
and everyone is a targetthese days.
you can follow all the rules in the book and still get got.
sites like “grindr”and “jack’d” are:

i’m still with:

Meeting at the police station

…but who knows if that’s even fool proof.
jackals and hyenas are bold af nowadays.
i can’t font what you should do foxhole.
all i know is i want you to be safe out here.
no hook up should be worth all that you’ve worked hard for.

read the rest of the article: dallas news

20 thoughts on “it was robbin’, kidnappin’, and shit smearin’ season on grindr

  1. I know someone this happened to. The hyena stole his laptop. When he found him, he offered to pay him to get his laptop back and the hyena extorted him for more money!

  2. If you got it go to a hotel spilt it half on room dont invite strangers in youre home this is my new plan period til i know i know you. Period

  3. Guys meeting face to face at a mall or church a bar you can get the same results i say go slow dont be in a hurry to hook up meet up in public for a while even day time date if that maked you feel safer always have a weapon regardless use common sense

  4. Also, I’d like to add…If y’all use these hookup sites. Let one of your friends know where you are headed or who may have came over. I know it seems tedious but take a snapshot of the profit and send it to a close friend…someone you can trust. Jackd disabled this feature last I remembered but Grindr didn’t…just as a precaution. I mean we all grown but still..better keep tabs on who you with in case something happens, the authorities will have a lead.

  5. I love that you put the Snow Hare’s mugshot as the link to click on this.
    In the media when a White person commits a crime, the headline and article are worded differently for the same crimes as minorities and are much smaller as opposed to the Black or other minority who will take up the entire page. Way to go against the narrative πŸ™‚

  6. Jamari, your so right about meeting at a police station. I had the luck of hitting it off with one.

  7. Smh. Gays ain’t gonna never learn. Those homophobots know how they grave straight men online. I used to always posts..Why you lusting after a man that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire…but I guess I somewhat wrong since one of them got pissed on. If gay men werent so damn thirsty for straight dudes…and being so dick hungry too. Like it’s take more than a dik pic to get me excited…let me see you face, tell me what you do and work..and even then, they can still be crazy as hell.

    Y’all just don’t know…Folks will kill you and dump yo body in the woods or river and no one will find you until weeks later or never.

    When I used the app, I never talked to faceless profiles..I ignored them and if you wanted to meet..We meet in a public setting.

    Don’t hit me up in the middle of the night…nikka I got a job to go to in the morning, why are you hitting me up this late? Do you work? When was your last HIV test?

    All those question will run a mutha off.

    See dudes might f**k you and then kill you. Serial killer is not one gender or orientation. There are gay serial killers too.

    Anyways, folks should be careful with whom they deal with. Hookups will get you f**ked more ways than one if you aren’t lucky.

    1. HELLO! Preaching to the choir here! I’ve never understood the obsession with publicly fawning over heterosexual men who clearly despise you.

      Anyway, Incidents like this happen in most occasions because as you stated many gay men are so dick hungry. Log on to Grindr and all you see is “fun now” profiles (HUGE red flag!) everywhere. Its sad but most stereotypes have some truth to them, thats why they exist. And that goes for gay men being promiscuous and HIV being a major issue in our community. Yes we aren’t a monolith community but many of our peers are fall into either of these stereotypes.

      Also, whenever I see a person who is looking for sex all the time I just assume that you’re a extremely promiscuous dude who lives for sex, does drugs and tries to hook up with every dude within your vicinity that is available and fuck any and everywhere (public toilets, parks, etc.)

      Not to mention most of these guys Never use condoms. Those nasty public sex Tumblr videos prove it. As much as I hate to say it, gay men in general cant be trusted. Dudes will lie about their status and the last time they’ve been tested just so they can get a nut. Its crazy how people knowingly put others health in jeopardy just for selfish sex and don’t give a damn.

      Faceless profiles are the biggest joke lol. Like do you really expect to e taken seriously without showing me what you look like? The thing is though that many are just impressed by a dick pic and will meet a dude just like that. Which I have never understood. Big penises are a dime a dozen. You either have one or you don’t. Its like being tall or short. A guy needs substance to attract me.

  8. Blahahaaa, this title and GIF are too much yo… this is some naaasty shit, of course pardon my pun.

  9. this happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. met up with “trade” and got jumped by three dudes smh.

    it’s scary how the str8s know what the gays want and use it to harm use. Gay for pay to rob us? wow. im glad nobody was killed tho.

    1. ^OMFG!!!

      how is your friend after that experience?
      it’s scary how str8s know that some gays are suckas for dick and use that against us.

      1. he didn’t talk much about it so i kept quiet. i do feel he was embarrassed tho. to this day he still fucks around with dl/hood niggas. His reason? “I can’t do gay niggas or faggots” πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

        1. Funny.. I guess its different strokes for different strokes. I find “hood niggas” so unattractive and steer away from them lol. But I’ve noticed that they are very popular within in the black gay community because of the obsession with masculinity in the gay community. And in the black community, these “hood niggas” are sadly looked at as the pinnacle of masculinity.

          Give me a clean cut handsome well spoken dude with a job over a “trade” dude with tattoos, a fitted cap and a “hood nigga” persona. But hey thats just me

          1. I second this!!! I stopped all that when I grew and found myself more attracted to articulate, cultured men. But hey that’s just me too πŸ™‚

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