bam! bitch went down! all thanks to super bitch!

i think i’ve got super powers too.
so the other day,
on my commute to work,
i saw this video on my twitter feed:

…and i said to myself that he should be in a movie.
his name is “@hesosoutheast”,
but he goes by “super bitch”.
he would do good in an action movie or something.
i mean,
sexuality aside,
he’s super athletic and was back flippin’ in knee high boots.
i guess The Universe did a follow up because it looks to be in fruition.
big daddy,
aka lee daniels,
wants to make the first gay super hero movie starring him.
this is what he put up on his ig

i’m happy for him.
he’s talented.
you pretty much spend your days,
making videos and taking pics,
so you can catch your big break on social media.

the questions from the foxhole about it were:

Do you think Lee Daniels got a sample of that first?

i doubt it.
in a heavy “#metoo movement”,
that would be pretty disgusting.
“super bitch” doesn’t strike me as lee’s type anyway.
isn’t lee in a relationship/married anyway?
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Are you going to see “Super Bitch” when it comes out?

if it has a good story line,
and some fine ass wolves,
i’d check it out.
i’m interested to see the direction and the powers this character will have.

check out more of “super bitch”: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “bam! bitch went down! all thanks to super bitch!”

  1. Lee wanted to bust a nut on this guy. Poor guy thinks a movie will be made. Where is Lee getting the bag to produce? He still owes Dame. He comes off as a grooming type predator.

  2. I am so Tired of Black Gays Prorated as overly flamboyant, sex crazed, snooty and fem on fem relationships. This is how society’s are beginning to view us. I don’t flaunt my gayness but I don’t hide it either. Just the other day While shopping for a birthday present for a Girlfriend. I was trying to decide between two scarves and the sister that was assisting me was very nice and we had struck up a conversation. Something I said let the cat out of the bag! (I don’t remember what) with a big smile on her face and said, “Sister girl I wish you were my friend I would love both these Scarves!” I was stunned for a moment but I could not get angry, I understood her point of refence. I kept I light and with a smile I Leaned in and said “for your ears only, because it is kept very quiet but all Gay Men are Not Sister Girls! The look on her face was priceless! I chose the African scarf. She just wanted to be in the Know! It is what she has been taught and what she sees in the media! I would not see this movie!

  3. I ain’t trying to be funny (& sorry for my typos..the auto correct be doing the most when I access this from my smartphone.) but I met Lee a long time ago back 2014 during a selection call. He comes off as pretty snooty. Don’t know if he has changed since then but there was something going around along the lines of he prefers the “lighter” bunch & he shows favoritism…but idk how true that was then and how it is now.

    I know this movie don’t need to be made. Sorry for sounding like Mother Teresa..but the Black LGBT community has more to worry about flips and heels. Hell, they still killing blacks folks, HIV is still real & a whole bunch of other mess that people need to see on the big screen.

  4. No surprise Lee Daniels is supporting this. After all, tired and played out stereotypes of Black people (gay and straight) are his cinematic forte…

    1. Exactly look at Cookie. I’m sorry but the majority of Lee’s characters are based off of black stereotypes.

  5. Umm how about no… First of all, no man, masculine or from needs to refer to themselves as Bitch. Wonder Woman, Supergirl and the like all have classy it at best empowering names.

    I’m not the poster to bite my tongue.

    How come folks are agreeing with this mockery of gay black men? I’m not referring to his feminity per se, I’m talking about how he carries himself like a cunty ghetto female and gets praised for it. That isn’t cute and I dunno even know why people support this garbage. My comment has a lot to do with his mannerisms…and how he portrays himself.

    Why can’t he be a gay version of Kim Possible or Charlie’s Angels… Why when female guys are portrayed, they are potrayed as ratchet females and not the classy side of feminity?

    I don’t think the idea is badper se but the execution looks like a disaster to me. Gay folks outta be tired of be potrayed in the media as overly flamboyant, sex crazed, snooty acting creations.

    Excuse me..but f**k this if it is some kind of super fem gay comedy movie.

    We need a more films with some substance like a Moonlight II that explorers real issues that gay men face and more. We have Black Panther, Insecure and much more that really put some depth into straight community but theBlack side is malnourished of quality content.

    The one thing I love about this though is that this will let straight negros know…fems or gays in general are not the “b**ches” they think we are and some of us will whoop they ass in front of they homeboys and whoop they homeboys tails too if they wanna try to get froggy.

  6. Personally I think they should have made a comic and see for far that can go.

    But I say let the fems have their empowering figure.

  7. So never mind going to acting school, preparing and studying your craft. So now all you have to do is act a faggoty mess in public, go viral, and producers will put you in movies? I have a suspicion this will play into every stereotype imaginable about black gays..It’s a no for me.

  8. I thought Wonder Woman was bisexual in the comics? IDK if I want another stereotypical gay man on film. I’m tired of gay men being portrayed as ultra femme. We’re not monolithic and shouldn’t be depicted as such. Gay black men should be portrayed in different sizes, shades and background. It just looks like it would be comical. Congrats to him though go make thst bread. Lee Daniels is a creep to me lol

    1. ^i agree.
      the way i saw it,
      there are plenty of other ways a gay super hero can be made.
      lee daniels is making his version.
      another will make one who is more masculine and doesn’t fit the typical stereotype.

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