passing on cooties should be a punishable offense

i’m talking all types of cooties.
people who come to work sick should be banished.
publicly shamed in the town square.
it’s incredibly selfish and puts everyone at risk of cooties.
so i’ve been working a temp gig to pay the bills.
last week…

…this vixen came back from being sick af.
she was sick for damn near 2 weeks.
she would come to work one minute and be out the next.
it took her almost dying to go to the hospital.
i did a re-up on orange juice and other vitamin c-like products.
she looked like pure death.

“you wasn’t getting me!” i proclaimed to myself.

i got got.
i’ve been sick since last thursday.
it started pretty mild.
the bubble guts and my head floating on the ceiling.
shit turnt up by sunday.
i had bad chest pain,
mucus in my throat,
feeling light headed,
and tired af.
i couldn’t take it anymore so i went to the doctor today.
i had to get chest x rays and other tests.
i put it up briefly on my ig stories.
they told me i have a severe chest infection and a virus.

Thank GOD i ended up getting health insurance recently

i swear,
but God works in mysterious ways.
they gave me antibiotics and other medicine for the pain.
i’m hoping this can be outta me in a couple days.
so i’m under quarantine until i’m feeling better to go to work.
i plan on resting until then.
unlike my co worker,
i won’t be infecting those around me.
so it’s movies and catching up on my shows.
i’ll return to the foxhole tomorrow as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “passing on cooties should be a punishable offense”

  1. i know the feeling. i woke up with a scratchy throat a few weeks ago and knew what it was about to be. told my supervisor in advance, of course she blew it off. i know my body and like clockwork i was sick for a whole week. even after i got better, i still had this annoying cough that lasted another week. the worst!

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