look at 50’s power.
he went campaigning behind mo’nique and moves are being made.
as you know,
he called out tyler perry and oprah to apologize to mo’nique.
( x see that here )
lee daniels,
who has also been involved in mo’nique’s past call outs,
decided to let bygones be bygones because…

lee daniels spits out how things have been ever since… you know.

don’t you love when some shit goes down at work,
you not being involved,
and the next day you come back in to work,
it’s like a silent movie?
everyone is texting and whispering about what happened.
some be angry af for the person/people involved.
others just like other folks drama with their work day.
i’ve wondered how the set of “empire” has been.
i know this jussie smollett scandal has rocked their shit.
well lee daniels,
the shows creator,
has been pretty absent on his social media.
he made a video last night and spilled just a little…
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bam! bitch went down! all thanks to super bitch!

i think i’ve got super powers too.
so the other day,
on my commute to work,
i saw this video on my twitter feed:

…and i said to myself that he should be in a movie.
his name is “@hesosoutheast”,
but he goes by “super bitch”.
he would do good in an action movie or something.
i mean,
sexuality aside,
he’s super athletic and was back flippin’ in knee high boots.
i guess The Universe did a follow up because it looks to be in fruition.
big daddy,
aka lee daniels,
wants to make the first gay super hero movie starring him.
this is what he put up on his ig
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lee daniels has a few words for mo’nique

speaking of mo’nique,
you saw what she said about lee daniels in the last entry:

“you shut up.”

it was the response from a recent interview.
he sat down with raquel harper for “raq rants” yesterday.
this is what he had to say about the mo’nique situation…

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Dame Dash Outs Lee Daniels

this is why i don’t like borrowing money from anyone.
i owe karaoke some money,
and as soon as i get on all paws,
she is getting that money back with the quickness.
when you have long money like lee daniels,
2 million should be easy to pay someone back.
well dame dash has something to say about that.
there is a video with dame pressing lee for the 2 mill he owes him.
this is what dame posted on his ig
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Mo’Nique Brings It To TMZ Next

well it looks like mo’nique got her second wind.
that outburst at the ( x apollo theater ) landed her on tmz live.
you know tmz is the first to get the scoop.
well this is what she had to say in regards to oprah via celebteanews
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