Dame Dash Outs Lee Daniels

this is why i don’t like borrowing money from anyone.
i owe karaoke some money,
and as soon as i get on all paws,
she is getting that money back with the quickness.
when you have long money like lee daniels,
2 million should be easy to pay someone back.
well dame dash has something to say about that.
there is a video with dame pressing lee for the 2 mill he owes him.
this is what dame posted on his ig

i will call you.”
he looked shook af.
lmao @ him pressing him in public like that.
lee should know dame doesn’t play that.
dame will air his whole shit out there.

even though mo’nique was out of pocket,
it looks like she wasn’t lying when it came to lee’s alleged ways.
as she said,
she was allegedly blacklisted for asking for more money for “precious”.
it’s interesting how the truth does comes out sooner or later.

if i was lee,
i would cut that check and get this cleared up quick.
always put out any potential smoke in the background.
two randoms can team up for your destruction.
dame has nothing to lose like mo doesn’t.

lowkey: why he tag halle berry tho?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Dame Dash Outs Lee Daniels”

  1. He is doing a lot though like a lot but this is why I don’t like owing anybody even the people I know & love & trust won’t do all this i still don’t enjoy owing money to nobody.

    Also I’ve been let go of being a fan of lee ever since that I made star to cure racism comment. So yeah let the whites defend him maybe they’ll help him collect enough to give up dame.

  2. Doing a lot?!!! If what Dame says is true, Lee OWES him the money and has neglected to pay it back, despite having much success over the years. Dame is doing the least!!!

  3. Where is the contract Mr. Dame Dash?

    That’s the question any civil court will ask. No supporting documents, no case. GTFOH Dame. If you loaned Lee $2 million YEARS ago why didn’t you file a lawsuit YEARS ago?

  4. Lee allegedly owing Damon this money goes back well over 10 years. Damon has talked about it before and they did work together on the film “The Woodsman” years ago back when Damon had “Dash Films”. I mean 2 mil. ain’t no joke. I would have rolled up on him too for that much. Something tells me Mr. Daniels f$@#kery be on the street like garbage!!

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