Joie Chavis Might Have A Bundle of Subs For Her Future IG Stories

she must be a slow learner.
so i hate when folks preach one thing,
but end up make dumb ass decisions.
we all do dumb shit,
but it’s another level to be making “dumb ass decisions”.
it’s when you out here moving so stupidly and taking obvious “L”s.
i often wonder…

Where are your damn friends?
Where are ya aunties and uncles?
Where ya mama?

i’m talking to you miss joie chavis.
she is…

…pregnant by her alleged fuck boi wolf,

the same future that

dragged ciara to hell and back
that has damn near a tribe of cubs with different baby mamas
made “i’m good luv enjoy” popular (which looks like he may have been cheating on joie)

she stayed dragging bow wow for his fuck boi ways,
but gets allegedly knocked up by another fuck boi?
she should take this to “love and hiphop: hollywood” next season.
i mean i heard that future allegedly has a big ass pipe.
the pretty vixen knows someone who was allegedly fuckin him.
she said the dick is allegedly “next level”.
good dick doesn’t always equal a good father.

i don’t get the straights nowadays.
if i had a cub by a fuck boi,
it would take me a minute to have my eggs sperminated again.
probably never.
i’d be so turned off.
it’s like vixens do this,
get well wishes from emotional clit suckers,
and then want to have a pity party on facebook months later.
i’m sure the potential subs on her ig will make for great captions.
sad because she is a bad vixen…

…but clearly doesn’t make the best life choices.
let’s hope some other wolf is the father,
preferably her husband.

low-key: do vixens not know when they’re ovulating?
they be loving this raw sex at the wrong time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Joie Chavis Might Have A Bundle of Subs For Her Future IG Stories

  1. I knew when her dance videos started going viral somebody was going to knock her up again smh lol

    Females literally don’t give a fuck about who they procreate with if they have money or status.

    Its a new generation. I remember when women wanted to give you your first child, go through the experience of parenthood together, be the only mother of your kids!

    Now these chicks don’t care about how many kids a dude has because he’s barely seeing them twice a month anyway.

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