Petunia Loves A Good Brag Session About Her Sex Life

teyana taylor loves to talk about what she does with iman shumpert,
don’t she?
so she has a song on her album “k.t.s.e” called “3 way”.
you can already guess what it’s about.
it isn’t about a phone call with 3 people.

sidebar: what does the foxhole think about the album?
i’m hearing “trash” to “okay”.
this is what she told “big boy tv”

i’m all for bigging up your wolf,
but putting all he does in the bedroom with you…
that just screams:

“alright now hoes!
you go on and get some of my man too!”

i mean she done shared some things on ig already…

…and then this one on twitter:

the straights want to be gay so bad.
maybe they have a solid foundation?
teyena and iman are a cute couple,
and junie is so adorable

…but i wouldn’t want the forests to know my wolf is fuckin my brains out.

How many times was your interested peaked when someone told you how good a wolf’s dick was?


lowkey: in my head,
they have an open relationship.
i won’t be cheating then.
it would be…
a public service.
spreading good dick to all of the lonely gals.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Petunia Loves A Good Brag Session About Her Sex Life”

  1. This song is ghastly. The song lags & drags, there’s no imagination anywhere and Teyana’s voice is annoying. It’s anything and everything but freaky. Shit like this is why music in 2018 is garbage, especially R&B and hip hop. Epic FAIL

  2. I like Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert I think people are annoyed because they come across as to perfect. They both are young, successful, sexy and highly attractive (I mean we’ve seen the print pics), seemingly healthy people out here enjoying life. Every time I see them in an interview they’re always fawning over each other and vehemently deny any cheating allegations, ill take them at their word.
    I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with talking about ones’ sex life especially in the times and culture in which we live, I just think people nowadays want to be freaks and frankly have a weak definition of what it means to be a freak. In these times of women’s empowerment if she’s having a threesome because that’s what’s she’s into and he’s into it too, cool, but don’t debase yourself just for a man’s approval. Speaking of freaky would it be cool if she wanted to have a threesome with two men, would people be just as accepting? I’ve seen a lot of straight porn (let’s face it a lot of straight porn is popping) and you always see the trains, orgies, gang bangs etc. where there is one female and multiple men but that’s never talked about in conversations like theses and porn is a multibillion dollar industry …. so, somebody must be watching it.

  3. I’d never heard her music before this album, and although the overall material seems uneven and unfinished, it’s obvious she’s very talented.

    She brags on Iman because they’re swingers. Let’s not forget Teyana used to have a very masculine style and all the lesbians loved her. I have no doubt her and Iman are switch hitting some close friend of hers. Lol

  4. Her “fame” sure is a mystery i will agree. Is there anybody else on My Super Sweet 16 who has sustained a career in the entertainment like she has?

    Also, I follow gossipinthecity (fameolos new account) and she has spilled countless entries of Iman Shumpert’s cheating. Like annually. Him cheating isn’t far-fetched.

    Teyana reminds me of Cardi B, very defensive & constantly being the mouthpiece for her husband when faced with cheating allegations when the proof is in the pudding. On one hand Cardi justifies Offset’s cheating (because we all saw the videos) by comparing her relationship to high-profile couples who have had marital issues due to infidelity. Whereas Teyana is very adamant on denying the cheating allegations claiming that she has access to Iman’s DM’s and stating that she’s always with him.

    They’re both relatively young and had shotgun weddings to unfaithful young men who clearly aren’t built for marriage.

    As far as her music goes i never understood the hype. I’ve always thought she was a bit “meh”. And that’s just me being honest without a biased bone in my body. I must say I enjoyed her debut album in 2014 and liked some songs on there. As far as the new album the only song I like is the “Rose in Harlem” song and it’s because you can clearly hear the Kanye production in the song. Kanye is a questionable guy but he is a great producer when he wants to be.

    All in all I preferred her previous album over this one.

    1. With that being said I forgot to add that I do think Teyana and Iman are very well suited and make a very attractive couple. They’re definitely one of the hottest young couples IMO. The ending of the “Fade” video was a good teaser. I wouldn’t say no to a sextape from them two *shrugs*
      Lol 🙂

  5. Hmmmm. I remember someone tweeted she isnt gonna stop tweetung about hwr relationship until one of the gay fuck her man and now I believe it.

    Jamari you posted a story awhile back about being in a shoe store and guy was following u around one with mesed up teeth. I think the other guy was a baller wolf. .. I mught be wrong. But i am lookibg for that entry i wanna see something. Didnt he date elle varner too.

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