Petunia Loves A Good Brag Session About Her Sex Life

teyana taylor loves to talk about what she does with iman shumpert,
don’t she?
so she has a song on her album “k.t.s.e” called “3 way”.
you can already guess what it’s about.
it isn’t about a phone call with 3 people.

sidebar: what does the foxhole think about the album?
i’m hearing “trash” to “okay”.
this is what she told “big boy tv”

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Jamari Fox Is The Talk Of The Forest

everyone likes gossip.
gossip sells magazines and creates personas.
as much as we pretend we don’t,
our ears perk up when we hear other folk’s business.
i’ll be 100 with ya.
i like to hear the “he gets down” talk.
i never use it to out anyone,
but i’ll know who my eyes are set on to entertain in my foxhole.
forests and foxholes confirm all the wolves/hybrids/and foxes.
well i knew i’d be the gossip of why i’m not at my last job.
i thought i kept my exit pretty quiet.
thing 2 called me last night with another story…
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I Want To Get Inside U Before U Get Deep Inside Me

tumblr_mbldq59SU21rd1um0o1_500what can you offer a man?
no seriously.
you say you want a man,
this great man,
but you don’t know anything besides what you see in porn.
what if he hit you up right now?
would you want to rip off his clothes?
or would you want to get to know whats underneath his fur?
i thought of something for the foxes at work today.
i couldn’t wait to get home and share it…
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Dog On It

husky+tumblra husky is as close to a wolf you will ever get.
i heard they were really good dogs to own as well.
i still want and will own a boxer one day,
but i might get a husky as well.
well an f-bi sent me this video of a husky named “blaze” who can talk.
you read right…
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They Hate Me! They Really Really Hate Me!

tumblr_mh9wzhKTpm1r1br1uo1_500i saw the following on tumblr and i had to post this.

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JoJo Simmons Learned Yesterday

this shoulda been titled:

“i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends”

everyone wants to talk shit online,
but when it comes time for punishment,
you find out it is more bark than bite.
isn’t it always like that?
jojo simmons:

jojo… son of rev run and run’s house fame,
made a diss track about juelz santana:

well one of juelz goons didn’t take it too kindly and well…

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