Jamari Fox Is The Talk Of The Forest

everyone likes gossip.
gossip sells magazines and creates personas.
as much as we pretend we don’t,
our ears perk up when we hear other folk’s business.
i’ll be 100 with ya.
i like to hear the “he gets down” talk.
i never use it to out anyone,
but i’ll know who my eyes are set on to entertain in my foxhole.
forests and foxholes confirm all the wolves/hybrids/and foxes.
well i knew i’d be the gossip of why i’m not at my last job.
i thought i kept my exit pretty quiet.
thing 2 called me last night with another story…

are you okay?
i heard you got fired.”

“i didn’t get fired.
i was laid off.”

you been the talk of the town these last few days.
your old boss apparently been checking up on you…”

as flattered as i am,
why is he checking up on me????
i’m certainly not checking up on him.
she told me how he has been telling everyone that i was fired after a month.
some of the mailroom wolves i “thought” i was cool with found it funny too.
randoms came asking her about me and told her what my old boss was saying.
she said she didn’t know,
but wanted to hear the truth from my own mouth.

“its rather strange everyone is talking about you.
you haven’t been here since last year.”

“well they can say what they want.
i don’t care.”

fact: i didn’t care to an extent.
deep down inside,
i was embarrassed.
i thought that job was “supposed” to be my door.
the door to happiness after such a terrible situation at that last job.
the big “middle finger” to that same old boss.
if i was trife,
it would be one thing.
hell if i was bragging or acting like i won the lottery.
i was very humble.
i kept my movements really quiet when i got the job.
if my old boss wasn’t in my shit,
no one would have known what happened to me there.

it’s done.
the story is “out there”.
thing 2 said it got worse since they got rid of me.
misery does love company.
she said she is even thinking of making her exit soon.
they can all enjoy that story,
but i hope they all know their positions aren’t permanent either?
God will have my talents shine somewhere else.

lowkey: i’m really taking the freelance life into consideration.
the foxhole has sent me some great leads.
i’ve been working on the site resume to send it out.
i’m feeling i’m done with the “9 to 5” life.

19 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Is The Talk Of The Forest

  1. Leave lesser beings where they are…can’t help being annoyed, however FUCK ‘EM. Live like you have NOTHING to prove, work like you’ve already proved it. You got this!

  2. Jamari this is old news so I know you wouldn’t care about it for a rat’s ass. People who didn’t see what transpired will make up a story for closure. Oh for the life of me, tell thing 2 to put it to rest and I look forward to your freelance or contract gig. Also I recommend hanging out at Borders, Starbuck, or Join a Book Club and maybe eavesdrop on a conversation. It could be the answer to you troubles, i’m personally finding out myself at my Job by networking with a marketing exec who need help. Try it.

  3. Don’t be surprised if you hear your old boss got hit by a taxicab and died. Karma is a bitch. Keep praying for him.

  4. I’m not gonna be surprised if your old boss made calls to make things happen. He seems very invested into what happened to you.

    1. ^well im definitely interested in it.
      ive been taking a break from looking for anything,
      but it’s something on the “to-do” for next week.

      1. Don’t worry J, you’re not alone. I have been looking for Freelance work, trying to get out of my current job, it’s time for a fresh start! Currently I’m looking on upwork and freelancer, but I’m still figuring this all out myself. I have an older friend who has used them both with success in the past, and I still believe he uses them.

  5. So wait. You talking about the CEO that you always been running into when ypu were at your old job in the same building? The one who told you to come and work for him? He’s the same one running around saying that you were fired instead of let go? You and you alone SPECIFICALLY? How can someone be so cruel as to hire someone and knowing that all of their faith was into the job just to let them go a month later? I donmt know yoy personally, but I’m sure you didn’t deserve that. NO ONE deserves that.

      1. Ohhhh okkk
        (But you saw I was going mad hard tho? Lol 😭😂😂😂) still fucked up tho

  6. Screw all of them Jamari, I have a strong feeling that your old manager had something too do with you being let go from your current job. The managers and hire ups always talk and put bugs in each other ears. I know it was a different company, but your job was in the same building as the other one so I’m sure he might know some other managers or hire ups at your current company. He seemed like he really didn’t Ike you, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he said some things about you, to your last managers or whoever, but hey they will get theirs. Don’t let them fools bother you, they were probably intimidated and jealous of you, that’s why their laughing now, and while their laughing their positions are probably being suspended as we speak. I think freelancing would be great for you. I’m excited too see where the foxhole will go. I’m also looking forward to that book you been working on.

      1. Man Fuck them messy motherfuckers. Them bitches is clearly in your rearview window. You got a future to look forward to. Don’t be embarrassed by some people that in all honest mean nothing in the grand scheme of your life bro.

  7. I’m sorry to hear your old workplace is acting that way but it was to be expected. a lie will make it around faster than the truth, either way it doesn’t matter they are a thing of your past your future is looking bright. There is no need to be embarrassed you weren’t let go for hooking up with the boss or embezzling money from the company.

    Don’t let the reaction of the mailroom wolves you thought were cool get to you either. Half of them will being finding themselves in the San situation soon.

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