Beyonce Twins Made People Forget About Their Own

^this is the picture that kept on giving yesterday.
beyonce announced her pregnancy with twins on ig,
and of course,
everyone is related to her.

“i can’t wait to be an uncle!”
“godmommy duties in order!”
“i can’t wait to organize the baby shower!”

i will say i’m a little confused at the theme of the photo shoot.
well she had a ton of UN-released shots via beylite…

why is she sitting on that old ass car?

i’m trying to find the symbolism between all of it.

“Jesus Is Pregnant”

of course,
the hive has started their replica shots via the shade room:

everyone is aiming for twins in 2017?
i’ll sit that trend out.

lowkey: they saying these pictures are a distraction technique.
oh no.
we ain’t gonna forget we got this idiot in the white house.

see more pictures: beylite

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Beyonce Twins Made People Forget About Their Own

    1. You mean as far as “more pressing events”. I don’t find it much of a distraction to be honest from serious matters, like “Trump’s Make America White Again” campaign. I’m not a fan of Beyoncé, but I think her fans should have the pleasure of relinquishing “stress” in their administration for her.

  1. I think she’s going for a modern day Venus type of vibe wirh the flowers and the water . Also is it me or do celebrities sprout twins at will? * sidenote she’s making sure to quell thise rumours of a fake pregnancy this time around lol

  2. If you’re dense enough to let a pregnancy announcement distract you from Trump and Black History Month I don’t know what to tell you. You were probably an idiot before Beyonce announced her pregnancy, to be honest. And most of these “distraction” comments are always put forth by Black people about other Black people and it’s very patronizing.

    1. Most celebrity pregnancy photoshoots don’t have the fathers in them.Some examples I remember offhand are Kelly Rowland,Pink,Ciara,Kim K in recent history.Cindy Crawford,Demi Moore back in the day.IDK why but if you Google pregnancy photoshoots a lot of the images don’t include the father.

  3. Pregnancy photos don’t include the FATHER because the father ISN’T pregnant!! Duh! Sometimes y’all ask some STUPID-ASS questions!!!! Geez!

    1. Thx someone catched that, Oshun, she is like the African venus, she’s goddess of beauty, love and fertility, living in river (or something like that) and she is mother of the twins

      1. She doesn’t get as much credit for being pro black or woke.They see a simple picture and say Jc penny photo shoot, but for use frankincense and myrrh incense burners we saw this✊🏾

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