…and she’s gone! and she’s never coming back!

my old job ishaving a real problem trying to replace me.
every single person who comes in,
according to my ex co worker,
leaves within a few days,
if not that day.
i was minding my business,
working on career goals,
when she hit me up to text about the latest…

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well that karma came through faster than i thought

i know you want revenge on those who hurt you,
but i’ve learned something along the way:

God and the universe get even for you

now it’s okay to get angry and pop a lot of shit.
we aren’t robots and have feelings.
it’s best to leave all the “pay back” to whoever you believe in.
 hold your head high and move tf on.
you will get your retribution.
so i got a call from a friend from my last job earlier.
they were calling to check in on me.
i’ve done a full vanishing act to get my fur together.
i asked how things were going thus far.
i was feeling nosy.
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I Left, But She Is Still Being Abused

i knew that going back to my old forest would be good for me.
 it might be bad for one thing.
there are so many stores over there.
i needed new work clothes and i bought some.
174 dollars worth of “some”.
i know.
i know.
i’m right next to the cologne spot so that’s next.

since i was in my old work forest,
i ended up meeting up with one of my old co workers.
one who is still at my old company,
after all these years…

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All Hell Breaks Loose Once I Walk Out The Door

i’m a hard act to follow.
i don’t mean that in a bragging sense,
but once i’m replaced with what someone thinks is “better”,
they soon find out that it usually ain’t.
after the honeymoon phase ends and reality sets in.
today i met up with thing 2.
i was already in the city at a temp agency.
the one i had to do the microsoft office test for.
i got great scores,
since it was close to my old job,
and it was around her lunch time,
i figured it would be a good time to link.
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The Visit With The Wolf That Might Want To Smash Me To Smithereens

so my memorial day weekend is dead,
but my potential werewolf behavior is still alive and kicking.
so remember i told you guys about a wolf that i was attracted to heavy?
i’m attracted to a lot of wolves heavy,
but this was a wolf that worked in a different building at my old job.
he wanted me to come over and get some free clothes,
but i was so caught up in the whirlwind that was ww.
he was sexy af and was in a relationship with a fox.
you might be getting it now.
well he hit up the other day,
which led into what happened yesterday
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Jamari Fox Is The Talk Of The Forest

everyone likes gossip.
gossip sells magazines and creates personas.
as much as we pretend we don’t,
our ears perk up when we hear other folk’s business.
i’ll be 100 with ya.
i like to hear the “he gets down” talk.
i never use it to out anyone,
but i’ll know who my eyes are set on to entertain in my foxhole.
forests and foxholes confirm all the wolves/hybrids/and foxes.
well i knew i’d be the gossip of why i’m not at my last job.
i thought i kept my exit pretty quiet.
thing 2 called me last night with another story…
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