…and she’s gone! and she’s never coming back!

my old job ishaving a real problem trying to replace me.
every single person who comes in,
according to my ex co worker,
leaves within a few days,
if not that day.
i was minding my business,
working on career goals,
when she hit me up to text about the latest…

so a vixen came in to start today,
but not even an hour in,
she asked to “go to the bathroom” with her bag.
 she never came back.
that is the fourth one to do that since i’ve been gone.
i’ll admit,
i laughed for a few minutes.
when the temps came in when i was there,
i was usually requested to train them.
they loved working with me and stayed the whole day.
i heard they got rid of someone i started with with last week too.
i’m sure they’ll have another dose of karma as well.

I’m confused as to how HR is missing this?

i’m confused why those jackals been there for over 5 years,
running that department into the deepest part of the ground,
but my tail is out of a job.
it’s baffling to me.

lowkey: i hope when i’m in a position of power,
i’m not an asshole to those who work for me.

3 thoughts on “…and she’s gone! and she’s never coming back!

  1. Think your coworker just misses you. The way you talked about the job it seemed you were more focused on socializing than the work at hand.

    Organizations rarely if ever fall apart when a non-member or the executive or management team leaves unless they are filing some type of suit against the company.

    Might be healthier to let go and move on like the organization did.

  2. Well at the end of the day that’s their problem. You are now free to move on to better things.

    Don’t forget that when you get up every morning to look into t he mirror and say to yourself that you are beautiful, brave and bound for great things. You will allow no one to shake your purpose or detract you from your will to succeed. Your goals will be met and today will be better than the last, full of inspiration and opportunity.

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