steveoback wants more vixens up in his box

steven johnson aka steveoback has a big issue.
he has two.
when i posted this video on the ig foxhole:

…everyone went insane.
even i gasped when i saw it for obvious reasons.
he has noticed an issue with his comments tho,
in which he decided to font about it.
i got an email from a foxholer titled:

Disappointed in Steven Especially When the Foxes and Hybrids Support

…and this is what steven had to font in his ig stories…

i’m not disappointed.
he’s a straight wolf,
who ultimately likes pussy,
and has an attentionisto spirit.
regardless if “we” support or not,
most of these wolves don’t care who the likes come from.
he could have been all the way disrespectful,
but i think he went about it very classy.

i remember i witnessed a straight attentionisto,
sit up on his ig stories,
and font to the world:

“i heard i was featured on a gay website.
i ain’t gay…”

…and that was the last time he ever graced the foxhole.

to me,
that’s disrespectful.
they allow us to freely comment on their pages,
but even i will admit that some of the comments are super OD.
(like this one that was under one of stevens):

if he didn’t erase that,
then it shows that he understands his audience,
but would like to get some vixen love here or there.
that’s aight with me and it should be aight with you.

lowkey: steven is stacked wolf tho…

he serves “cake” and “sausage”.
i’ll need a vixen to go get a pipe report for us.

instagram: steveoback

31 thoughts on “steveoback wants more vixens up in his box

  1. Tried to post last night about this odd looking little fella but got a 500 Internal Error (LOL) but anyway, I use to cringe and feel for str8 dudes when I would see some of the comments gay dudes would leave on their various social media pages, but now I am like it is part of the territory and nobody owes you anything even being respectful of your sexuality. You keep showing semi nude pics and you are going to keep getting lustful inappropriate comments and nothing is going to be done about it unless you shut your pages down. I realize that most of the Black Str8 Attentionista’s are very insecure about their sexuality but they cant stop showing their assets off to build up their followers and brands only to get mad when said followers start commenting. Its ridiculous. No matter if this dude was respectful or not, the bottom line is he feels some kind of way that someone has perceived him to be gay. Boo-Hoo suck it up if you are going to be in the business of BODY, no one is forcing you to shoot pics in your draws Homie, thats all on you. Be glad anyone is paying you attention and admiring you no matter the sex. A photographer friend told me how so many Black models miss out on opportunities because they are afraid of what others are going to say if they pose nude or implied nudes. At the end of the day, modeling is entertainment and you have to have a thick skin to take the good and the bad. He sounds wack AF begging for females to comment.

  2. Why we gay men give this fool ours time and money anyway it funny I remember a hot gay male model who said he wanted more men on his page and straight girls was upset he has nasty comments from women who thought he was straight. here the whole thing Steve need to stop going to gay underwears photo shoots and stop going to gay men who take his picture for modeling gay men make him money. their support him and his fittiness lifestyle. When gay men start focusing on hot gay men these straight boys will lose their money and nobody will we remember them. and we gay men need to support these hot gay men who really loves us and don’t cater to women. Straight women are trying to force gay men in to this sexual fluid/non label/bisexual shit and says some nasty comments to these hot gay men on ig look at Milan’s page

  3. Let me rephrase that. He is still hot, but not unlike a lot of other dudes in the gym. He doesn’t stand out. IMO.

  4. I’m so behind the times. I see this dude almost everyday at the gym. He okay, but nothing special.

  5. I occasionally check out his page on Instagram, and sometimes his pics fall into my feed. I’ve had dreams of this dude in my bed along with several other IG models. His body is everything I want in a man plus some. 😳💦

    Okay, BP, snap out of it… *ahem* anyhoo, I didn’t find his comments disrespectful nor offensive. And thank the Gods! I didn’t want to take the drastic measure of UNfollowing this hot muthafukah. Dat ass, Dem abs, Dem legs… Zeus save me now! 😍

    1. You are a Straight man worshipper you should give your time to hot gay black men on ig who looks way better than this dude and who wants us

      1. @Isiah

        lol…Calm your titts hunny. I do not worship straight men. I don’t care what their sexual orientation is as long as they are hot and give masculine frequencies.

  6. I’mma need my gay men to stop being so sensitive. He didn’t even say to stop commenting or anything negative. It reminds me of white people calling you racist for saying ‘white people’ lmao.

    He’s on one though. He clearly has the game fucked up if he thinks women are about to be DMing him first.

  7. Wow. More straight man shenanigans.

    I had a thought. A simple one. Most “reputable” men…(did I use that word..!?!) aren’t on Instagram taking half naked pictures in tight underwear, only narcissists.

    In general, classy women…(notice I said classy) like good looking men no doubt but you won’t find them really interested in this type. Like myself, women like looking at sexy men but prefer to see them being productive, dressed in business attire or doing something to benefit humanity such a volunteering, helping the needy or children.
    Also females want to see pictures of men glorifying them in a way.

    With that said, some gay men need to raise their standards some (which ain’t happening any time soon probably) instead of lusting after straight men that don’t care about them.

    Why gay men faun over them is beyond me.
    But you like what you like (or can’t have ) I guess..🤔

    There a few that get some recognition though like ex-pornstar CJ Wright who catered to his gay fans.

    I don’t have anything else to say about this guy except that if you want to get rid of most of the gays on your profile, switch your style to a more professional tone as most gays are strictly motivated by sex and posting pics of your butt is not gonna do it.

    (This low-key reminds me of men that say they are Tops but all of their pics are of their butts?)

  8. Also, isn’t theater ‘Dasoul’ brand marketed mainly to gay males?? So it might be that the comments come with the territory..

  9. I totally agree with Mr. Musclelover , Steven needs to understand that probably 70% of women are not going to go after men like that , commenting on their pics and stuff like that. And in the cases where they find that kinda stuff to be a turn on , they acknowledge it and keep it pushing..So I while I like that he kept it totally respectful , he might be asking for a lot.

  10. What a dumb ass he is. WTF the matter with these guys? The type of women they want looking and commenting at them ain’t as ratchet as the gay men who will undoubtedly comment on his fine ass. Sometimes women see the male comments and back off. No woman wants to fight another man for another man.

    So he wants to remind the ladies he’s straight..OK…what does that mean in 2018 though? Straight? If i can see straight Jahan X sucking and taking Dick” and eating ass as well then calling yourself STRAIGHT is like slapping a label that means as much as saying fish live on the sea!!!

  11. 🤷‍♂️ not mad, he jus said he wants it too even out a lil, he didnt even say stop, i mean im sure he wants to engage, and if the man likes women, he’s not gonna wanna flirt bck in comments with guys, nothing wrong with that

  12. He wasn’t disrespectful, but he’s clueless to what his whole presentation “gives”.

    Women largely don’t care about your body or you taking pics in tight underwear and most don’t thirst too hard on social media they might like a few pics in a row to get your attention to hit them up.

    Women like a nice face pic, a pic of you with your kids, or some quotes centering them, and maybe a dick print that isn’t too shameless.

    You showing your ass all day is only going to attract booty warriors 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. I was about to type this but I read your comment, @Jay. I dont know any woman who would respond to that video with any question other than “does he play for your team?” LOL

    2. You hit the nail on the head. He needs to know which content is going to help him receive the attention he wants.

  13. He is very easy on the eyes, my type. Sigh! But he wasn’t disrespectful at all and I think there should be limits to what the gays do. They always do too much with being thirsty which is why the straights come at us crazy. You can get your message across without being vulgar. Everything thought doesn’t have to be said, that’s the problem with social media itself. People have no boundaries or shame and think they can do whatever without consequence. Now if he wants to make money then he needs to walk the narrow line of pleasing the gays while doing whatever to reel in a female audience. But if it’s just pics and likes then yeah fall back a lil and let him be.

  14. Wait hes a model…..everybody with a body shouldn’t be modeling now. His five head, hairline, and face aint about nothing lol

    1. I know a dark-skinned guy who looks exactly like him. I couldn’t decide if he was cute or not.

  15. Here’s the deal. The women that he would want to be hitting him up with comments……will never hit him up with comments….at least regularly. They may follow him and may like 1 or 2 of his pictures and leave a comment or two, and maybe share one of his more popular posts but then they move on.

    I just found this guy “” and while most of his comments come from women……a lot of them look middle aged, thirsty as fuck and busted. They don’t even listen to his music and only take notice of his posts with no shirt on (they don’t even look at his body, they look at the dick print in his pants, objectifying the hell out of him) not to mention that they couldn’t care less about his workout videos and he does not entertain them lol.

    I have no problem with what steveobeck said, but he should know that both gay and straight men are what is gonna get him money. The straight men are gonna follow him for inspiration and fitness (as well as some gay men), while the gay men will get him profit for his looks, muscles and his overall package.

    For men in fitness/modeling/bodybuilding ect. Women can get you a bit of profit if you’re a personal trainer, inspirational speaker, a singer or a stripper, but men will support your lifestyle and help you achieve your dream, no matter what sexuality they are.

    I hope that didn’t sound like I was dogging women. I was just saying that their interests lie elsewhere.

    1. You ain’t never lied on the middle-aged women comment! These guys posting these thirst traps don’t realize those are thrones who will comment. The others are too busy trying to grab the attention of dudes with money so they can be set for life! They not fuckin’ with these “personal trainers” wannabe entertainers, “models” AT ALL! So they better realize the type of chick they lookin’ for ain’t lookin’ for them.
      They’ll get the older thirsty chicks or someone lookin for a cute baby daddy with good hair.

  16. yes he does he is straight so all those queens that try to turn him out dream on honey he doesn’t need to get trolled by trolls ,. to even think you can get some of that is totally delusional get a life

  17. I think he should shut up personally. He should take all the attention without mentioning what he gets more of. Clearly he’s insecure about someone noticing all the gay comments and thinking he’s gay. I don’t think he’s gay but you don’t really have to say you’re not gay while saying you like women. Just say you like women everything else is extra and clear showing of the insecurities. Soooo many want to be where he is and he can be replaced just that fast. He’s got a great package and all but there’s plenty of them out here. If the gays don’t approve you, you’re not popping. Period. We are the trendsetters so stfu and do what you intend, look pretty and make that money.

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