they never come prepared when dealing with omarosa

what are we thinking about omarosa manigault newman these days?
i know she’s on this book tour called “bring them to their knees”

…but i’m still not buying her “turn on them” shape shifting.
she’s like the husband who beat your ass the night before,
but the next day,
he tries to woo you with a new car to say he’s sorry.
the bruises are still there,
just like omarosa’s past antics are.
she had an appearance on “today” with savvanah guthrie.
it was to promote her new book called,
and her accounts of the trump administration.
the interview left me speechless

even though i don’t know where omarosa is going with alla this,
she’s very impressive to watch when under pressure.
she doesn’t get shook.
her history of getting folks together

…should have clued in savvanah who she was dealing with.
savvanah was trying to ruin omarosa’s current credibility,
and be the one “who got omarosa in check”,
but ended up losing control cutting omarosa off every two seconds.

“you can’t ask the question and then ask another question without my answer…”

“savvanah slow down.
i’m gonna answer your question.
i’m here.
i’ve got all the time you need.
you don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second…”

not only that,
she ended the interview on her time,
while pointing out how much time the interview was supposed to be.
how do you,
the host,
not know how long the interview is going???

omarosa made her look like that was her first day interviewing.

the host is supposed to control the direction of an interview.
you ask questions,
allow your guest to answer,
and counter it if you feel you don’t believe a word there saying.
it’s almost like being a lawyer.
you have to create doubt so the audience can come to their own conclusions.
savvanah came out the gate swinging,
but allowed her passive aggression to get the best of her.
that handy dandy passive aggression card…

even though i still think omarosa is full of shit,
this whole situation is highly entertaining.
i want to know where she is gonna go with this tho.

is she scared for her safety?
does she want to work again?
or has she gone “no fucks” and is going down guns a-blazing?

this is one reality show ill be tuning into.

lowkey: you noticed she ended the interview after her denying she called trump a racist?
savvanah should have used that somewhere in the middle.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “they never come prepared when dealing with omarosa”

  1. When I tell you Omarosa is out here gathering the children in her name, I dont even think Savanah knew what hit her ass, Omarosa is basically full of shit, but I live for her evil petty ass. She has beat these crooked ass snow demons at their own game. She is always TV ready and makes most host look foolish, she does her homework and is not afraid to put a Bitch in Check. Savanah poor child, Omarosa wipe the floor with your ass, you look like a dumb ass, it will take a Oprah to get her together and nothing less. She has the Whitehouse shook, never discount anyone from a HBCU (Howard) from getting your ass right together. They always underestimate us and always lose.

      1. 😆 Omarosa was throwing effortless shade at Gayle King’s wig. I loved how Omarosa handled herself in this interview. I particularly loved how she would look Gayle King in the eye while addressing her then immediately turn her head towards another interviewer when she was through with Gayle. Her body language projects dominance and strength even when outnumbered by hostiles.

        …Mrs. Newman is an unstoppable force to be reckoning with! And the makeup and hair department must be commended.

    1. Agreed. It would take a far more experienced interviewer to trip up someone like Omarosa. Her inconsistencies were laid out yet Savannah still wasnt cunning enough to trip her up. Omarosa is a bullshit artist. She is the articulate, female counterpart to Trump which is why she has no shame in lying, deflecting, and being a bitch and standing in it. She literally has been snatching wigs this whole press tour because white folk arent used to black women being this brash, abrasive, and calculating with this type of pedigree.

      1. ^they call them “sharks” in corporate.
        once the tears start to fall,
        the evil has been defeated.
        i’ve had a few try me,
        but the key is to always have your receipts ready.
        they’ll try to call you into random meetings to belittle you.

  2. Omarosa is a snake but she is also cunning and articulate. From reality tv to the White House, Omarosa is a battle tested villian. Savannah was clearly unprepared for her and Omarosa chewed her the fuck up. Throwing out multiple questions is an age old trick interviewers use to try to trip up the person they’re interviewing. Omarosa shut that shit down from the gate and from that point, the interview was hers. Did u think you were going to just read her on morning tv? She made Savannah look like a total amateur. She ran that interview. There are so many holes and inconsistencies in Omarosa’s stories but Savannah was not quick or strong enough of an interviewer to trip her up. Omarosa basically got to lay out her talking points, deflect shit she didnt want to answer, and left when she got ready to. She is a snake but damn she is good tv.

      1. It would take a more experienced journalist like Oprah, Katie Couric, or Lester Holt to unpack Omarosa. She is calculating, studied, and articulate. Ive been watching her press tour and she literally is nothing if not poised. She dont stutter, or back away. They are finding it difficult to pin her down so they all have been throwing around the issue of credibility yet she reminds them she has all the receipts…she’s good tv

        1. ^i can see katie couric and oprah really giving her a bang for her buck.
          they have amateurs dealing with her and it’s sad to watch.
          they are too busy trying to disarm her credibility than getting to the real story:


          instead of trying to over power her,
          this is when you use her as an ally.
          she wrote a book about her experience,
          this is where they need to ask her the hard hitting questions.
          if she says something that trips up her past actions,
          ask her to explain why she said/did what she did in that moment.
          this will either expose her as a liar or make the trump administration respond out of fear.

      2. Although she is problematic and her objective is self serving. If black people and democrats, instead of demonizing her at this moment, used her information and receipts, it could possibly blow the white house wide open. No black woman since Condeleeza Rice, has had this much access to a republican administration. Here is a woman saying I have seen and heard things in the administration with tapes to prove it, yet all u see across social media is people calling her a bed wench and an uncle tom. Keeping your enemies close and using there intel as ammunition in situations like this would serve the community well. She has info that would show this country what we have known for decades; that Donald Trump is a racist. But we’re too busy calling her a sellout.

  3. There is so much to font about this issue. I’ll stick to what was said and the things that I believe to be the most poignant.

    I agree with Tajan on how Omarosa beat these Devils at thier own game. As much as I dislike Omarosa for turning her back on the black community, I truly admire how great of an orator she is. Regardless of how people may feel about her, Omarosa is highly educated, carries herself with a certain level of grace and poise, and she is beautiful. All three of these things is why she is viewed as a threat by white America, white woman in particular of the same caliber. Look at how white female interviewers handle her vs males. It’s very telling. It doesn’t suprise me that she made a book (I intend on buying the booking and writing about it.) detailing the day to day of the inner workings of this administration. Omarosa may very well be the first black sellout to sucessfully double cross white people and get away with it. Time will tell.

    I also agree with Omarosa to a certain extent about what she finds disturbing about how this administration is being ran. How is it that Trump doesn’t know what is going on within the White House? How is it that Gen. Kelly is more aware of the day to day and that all of the White House Staff answers to him and not the president? Who is really at the helm of this government? If there are tapes of Trump using vulgar language, why ask Omarosa ajd not ask Trump directly? These questions should be at the top of everyone’s minds. I can’t believe they really thought they could handle a snake and not be bitten.

    It’s gonna have to take a well seasoned team to take Omarosa down. She was ready for this to happen way back when Trump was trying to gain support for his run as President.

    1. I agree. Omarosa may actually be more cunning than we actually realize. Im truly starting to think that she was conniving enough to align herself with Trump during the election to secure a place inside this administration and gain access in order to blow the White House open. She may have allowed herself to be disowned by her own people in order to try to bring this president down. Was this all by her design? Is she really this good? Will she be invited back to the cookout if she succeeds? This would be the takedown of the century.

    2. I’m going to take my opinion a step further. I don’t believe Omarosa to be a coon or a sellout in a conventional sense. She has an inflated sense of individualism to which her only alliegience is to herself. Even this crusade she’s on has absolutely nothing to do with the American people knowing the truth about the Trump Administration. This is about revenge. Plain and simple. This woman has clearly studied the 48 Laws of Power backwards and forwards. I don’t believe her to be extremely dangerous to the black community like a Jesse Lee Peterson. Yes, she’s made disparaging remarks about the black community but this was to get her to where she wanted to be, career and status wise. Oftentimes, black people who are “educated” are seen as outsiders to the majority of black people living the black experience here in America because they can no longer relate to thier peers. She could have been a reliable asset to the black community. She is cut throat and I love that. I wish that she would have used this energy to uplift our community as a whole. Notice how both left and right wing media outlets have unified in taking her down. She knows something.

  4. Why is Omarosa such a villain and snake to people? Her situation and I swear her looks favor Kendra a lot to me. They get called villains for defending themselves and doing their job.

    I’m not saying Omarosa is a saint, but this is a dog eat dog world. Sometimes you’ll have to work for the nastiest people before you get anywhere. And you have to watch out for yourself always—especially while under those people.

    You don’t see white people that resigned getting grilled and slandered. Especially that hooker Hope Hicks or even James Comey. I can’t believe that bitch had the nerve to ask Omarosa if she got with Trump.

  5. I find it very telling that for the last two years we have been talking about the lies this administration have been telling! Now that someone has come forward and said Yes They are Lying! We question Her credibility! They are amazing to me! Omarosa is one cool, articulate smart Woman! I have to admire that!

  6. I love me some Omarosa, this woman gives me everything I need. She’s cutthroat as hell but like someone said she does it with such grace and poise. Any black woman that can hold their own and have done so consistently for the last 2 decades we’ve known deserves respect. The women of today can learn something from her because she comes from the school of Aretha, Diana and Dionne. She makes incredible tv. I agree with so many points made earlier in the comments.

    I don’t think of Omarosa as a sellout either. What is her cause, besides herself? I personally don’t find her to be threatening to the black community because I don’t believe she ever stood for us. Her weasel tactics is what got her hired and inevitably fired. I don’t necessarily agree with anything that she does but I can’t knock her hustle when I’m so thoroughly entertained by it. Roland Martin said that there weren’t any policies in place for her not to record so that’s legal. She raises so many good questions that actually need to be looked into. If Omarosa’s revenge is the key to exploding this administration then so be it. I don’t see anybody else coming with any other ideas lol

  7. I think people missed one KEY statement that SHE has already put out there. She called HERSELF COMPLICIT!!! “Complicit” is synonymous with guilty or collusion. No one is going to be able to trip her up because when – not if – they catch her in a lie all she’s going to do is hit’em with a corporate clawback, “Were you not listening, or did you somehow miss my Meet the Press interview with David? Clearly, someone did not get the memo or do their homework. I have openly admitted to be complicit in misleading the American people, and I will have to live with that shame for the rest of my life. Again, I had blinders on about who he really is. All I can do now is make sure the truth is know, starting with Unhinged. To be sure, I always have receipts.”

    Ba-bey, I loathe her as a person, but you gotta give credit where it is due. The girl is not to be underestimated.

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