omarosa is that “dog” who is pooping on your shoe trump

that’s it trump…
walk into her trap…
slowly now…
so trump has finally opened his fingers to respond to omarosa.
you know he sends all his press releases to his personal twitter.
this is what he had to font about omarosa…

huh?in my head,
he was trying to use the “b” word.
“dog” was the politically incorrect way.
he fired her three times on “the apprentice”.
he clearly liked to bark up the tree of that “dog”.
the good news is this looks good for omarosa.
i’m sure she is singing:

…as she is planning her next chess move.
i don’t think she needs a team.
she is a “full scheme” all on her own.

Imagine Omarosa being the one to bring Trump down?

i think he and his jackals messed with the wrong “dog”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “omarosa is that “dog” who is pooping on your shoe trump”

  1. To be honest I have yet to watch any of her videos. I don’t even know how she sounds but she does look bitchy in her pictures…which given the homosexual honorifics, a “bad bitch” I suppose.

    She’s a perfect example of an opputunist.

    I want to know what molded her into the being she is today? Everyone has a backstory.

    As of now, she appears to be a threat. She’s a black woman with an edge, how can the Ghosts deal with her? They’ve never seen anything like it before outside of Angela Bassett on Waiting to Exhale. 🤔

  2. A lowlife and a dog… what a way to reinforce the notion that he is both racist and a misogynist LOL. This is a real life soap opera, it’s a mess that you can’t look away from.

  3. I wish I could knock his fuckin dentures down his dick suckin throat. Omarosa or no Omarosa, you don’t call no black woman a dog. He’s bitch made for that. No black person should be cool with this, regardless if its a sellout or not. We should never talk bad about our own in mixed company. If they cooning or moving in a way that is not good for the collective, that’s an internal conversation. No black person should be okay with this.

  4. Girl bye, stick a fork in it. You’re DONE LOL.

    I could care less about this tripe, she has lost every little ounce of credibility that she once possibly had.

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