safaree and nicki minaj should use this energy for make up sex

happier times.
sidebar: so i gotta listen to “queen” again from nicki minaj.
it was very “eh” to me,
but i want to give it another scan before i give a final verdict.
so nicki minaj should be celebrating her album release this week.
instead of happier times,
she seems to be immersed in all kinds of drama.
it was some nonsense with ( x dj self ) over cardi b,
but now it’s with her alleged ex,
safaree started tweeting this randomly today…

he just wanted to get involved?

it got the attention of nicki and this is how she handled it:

not paying for his hairline with price tho.
poor tyga wasn’t looking for that kind of publicity.
in an effort to defend himself,
safaree opened up that twitter quick fast to respond again.
(read from the bottom up):



all this underlying tension between these two is strong.
this only proves to me how much they still want each other.
they should just go have some passionate make up/hate sex.
you know they are both dying to make up.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: on second thought,
i dunno if anyone should be having hate sex with that slab of meat safaree has.
fuck around and never sit down again.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “safaree and nicki minaj should use this energy for make up sex”

  1. Yeah they need to screw and get it over with or just get back together, because clearly they’re not moving on from one another.

  2. That was like reading a scripted reality show. It was painful. People on there really be getting a kick off of other folks drama. I can see why it is easy to make money off the public sometimes.

  3. Of course it’s all publicity. That’s why it happened over twitter where all the tabloids and “fans” can see, instead of them handling it privately. I really wouldn’t care either til she brought up paying for the hairline. No lie that shit had me laughing a little too much. I didn’t even know they had that as an option.

  4. I’m glad she’s defending herself at this point. She has her receipts in regards to her career stats and she’s been letting people come at her for years. Male rappers will beat women, insult dark skinned women, be homophobic etc. and people let them live. But the moment a rumour surfaces about a woman having “a bad attitude” everyone wants her to write her off lol. Double standards.

    We live in a world where men are allowed to be assholes, cocky, whores etc. but the moment a woman does it people make it an issue.

    Go in Nicki. When she responded to Jessica Dime I was dead

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