when a wolf of legacy loves his mama (more?)

males are generally closer to their mothers.
vixens are usually closer to their fathers.
i can attest because i was closer to my mother.
it seems john david washington,
denzel and pauletta washington‘s cub,
is closer to his mother as well.
so much so,
he interrupted a reporter of “today” to speak so highly of her…
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they never come prepared when dealing with omarosa

what are we thinking about omarosa manigault newman these days?
i know she’s on this book tour called “bring them to their knees”

…but i’m still not buying her “turn on them” shape shifting.
she’s like the husband who beat your ass the night before,
but the next day,
he tries to woo you with a new car to say he’s sorry.
the bruises are still there,
just like omarosa’s past antics are.
she had an appearance on “today” with savvanah guthrie.
it was to promote her new book called,
and her accounts of the trump administration.
the interview left me speechless

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The Baller Wolf I Didn’t Know Who Was Today

egoi love when celebs do that “do you know who i am?” thing.
its funny.
most of the times,
they aren’t as popular as they think they are.
well today a baller wolf came into the office and i didn’t know who he was.
google is my best friend…
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Baby Can We Adopt 14 Kids Today?

4B9088268-tdy-130917-gay-dads.blocks_desktop_mediumi wonder whose the wolf?
everyone meet roger and steven ham.
some couples go shopping for 14 inch rims for each car.
no they wanted 14 children.
yes 14.
a really feel good story below…

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