The Baller Wolf I Didn’t Know Who Was Today

egoi love when celebs do that “do you know who i am?” thing.
its funny.
most of the times,
they aren’t as popular as they think they are.
well today a baller wolf came into the office and i didn’t know who he was.
google is my best friend…

so fast forward a little.
i came home early.
it all started after that cold ass -0 day in the city.
its either from that or my sick coworker who was spreading germs everywhere.
my head is stuffy,
i can’t breathe,
my chest hurts,
and i’m coughing off and on.
the worst.
my boss decided to send me home early to get some rest.
i didn’t want to,
but she said it would be fine and was a pretty slow day.
thank god for the pharmacy section at duane reade.

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_medicineanyway i usually cover the receptionist’s desk when she goes to lunch.
they want me learn the ropes of working at the desk.
so there i was chillin,
feeling like my head was gonna blow up and explode,
when this HOT wolf walked out the elevator with some vixen.
everything from his height,
to his nose,
side profile,
to his complexion,
to the “i know he looks solid” with his shirt off.
something was telling me he was “someone” because the aura he was giving off.
so i got myself together on the outside,
because i was a nervous mess on the inside.
plus i didn’t want to start coughing and all that extra shit.
they were there for a meeting.
couple minutes early.
not bad.
i noticed when he walked up to the desk,
he was staring at me something serious.

“hey how are you doing?”

all smiles.
Sweating-like-a-pigno i really said:

“i’m fine, thank you.”

i smiled back and went back to looking back at the computer.
i’m sure my outside looked like i didn’t give a shit.
i am terribly shy + i am sick.
“what you want me to do?
i’m sorry!” – jay-z
not to mention she was standing there as well.
right in front of him like she peed on her territory.
i didn’t know who she was,
if she was fuckin him,
and if she would catch me giving this wolf the “eyes”.
IMG_0052 not that bold.
plus i didn’t want to look as awkward like i was feelin’ so i fell back.

as SOON as they went inside,
i got my ass on google so fast.
i found out he was a baller wolf of a major nfl team.
not new yawk.
he isn’t as popular as others,
but he isn’t a bench rider.
i guess that’s why he looked kinda disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm.
all the mailroom wolves knew who he was instantly.
they were being extremely extra,
trying to get pictures and all this other shit.

“nah he aight!
he ain’t that serious.
i’m not a fan but i’ll get a pic tho.” – one said,
still acting like a groupie.

as they were doing alla that,
i left shortly after.
when i walked past the conference room to the bathroom,
he looked directly at me,
did a slight head nod,
and smiled.

IMG_0060who knew what it meant.
i hope i get to see him again so i can find out.
shit i really hope he didn’t think i was an asshole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf I Didn’t Know Who Was Today”

  1. He probably wants you lol. Ummm if you see him again be more open but not too open and let him do all the talking

    1. ^run it was so weird today.
      all i know is i know my face looked like i was not interested,
      even though i was nervous AF!
      i know if i really looked at him,
      like in the eyes gaze,
      i would have given myself away.

    1. hes not really popular,
      like a dez bryant or a reggie bush,
      so i couldn’t do too much hinting.
      i think he is more popular for hard core sports stans.
      i’ll say this:

      he isn’t black
      he isn’t white


  2. So he’s Biracial sounds like Lance More lol he did something similar to me in New Orleans but I didn’t know who the hell he was.

  3. I can’t even think of any mixed race athletes when I think about it, I thought u was talking about Dominick Hixon but he plays for Carolina. Don’t know why he would be up there.

  4. Aaron Dobson for the Patriots is my guess. I’ve always thought he was mixed with something. Him and Arian Foster have the same skin tone.

    1. Thats funny when I read he is not Black.He is not White.I assumed he was Hispanic or Asian.Then again I havent watched a football game since New Orleans won the Superbowl so I dont know alot about NFL.

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