The Snow Bunny, The Baller Wolf, and A lot of Shenanigans…
this is definitely a story of when hash tags go wrong.
so the snow bunny on the left,
who happens to be jeanette mccurdy of icarly/sam & cat teeny bopper fame,
was hash tagged by baller wolf for the detriot pistons,
andre drummond.
he was #wcw (woman crush wednesday) her something serious,
she found out,
and she ( x accepted ) his invite for a friend request.
how romantic-als.
they posted a pictures of them going to disney world and ( x all kinds of lovey dovey shit ).
well 2 weeks later,
it ended.
she went on a radio podcast and straight blasted him

basically she said she didn’t like him in the beginning,
but she was in a “good mood” so she entertained it.
she said even tho she knew she wasn’t interested,
she still went along with it.
me thinks for pr purposes.
anyway she said her friends judged her and making out with him turned her off.
andre was also buying her shit,
as well as flying out to la to see her,
even though she wasn’t interested and wanted to end it.
she said the real reason she broke up with him is because her mama died.
178i know right?
well guess what?

108…her boring pictures leaked.
like can we see some tit?
a crotch shot?
the way i see it in my head:

he got with her because she was his fantasy,
beat her struggle frame out of alignment,
dropped her ass because the thrill of the chase ended,
and she is feeling some kind of way and looking for attention.

…or she leaked it herself for some “woe is me” publicity.
either way,
she completely turned me off the way she threw him under the bus.
oh and andre has denied leaking them:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.34.30 PMi wouldn’t blame him if he did.
well i guess he has learned his lesson.
next time #wcw a sista.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Snow Bunny, The Baller Wolf, and A lot of Shenanigans”

  1. HMM well well well look what the cat dragged in! I knew this love story was a bit too quick for any reality coffee to be served in the mix. These 2 met under so weird circumstances . You are right Jamari, she was a fantasy, and she bought it now someone served Andre his coffee and he woke up. Ah well. alls well that ends well. I wish it was a bit more hard for Andre. He is a sucker and so is she.

  2. That’s how a lot of these white and hispanic women feel about black men but they’ll deal with it if he has money, fame, or a big dick.

    Black men are really the ones that go out of their way to date outside of their race. Most white, Hispanic, and Asian people are only attracted to each other or at least they have a preference for someone in their same race.

    She doesn’t even look like the type that would be open to dating black men lol

    1. ^^^^^Black men are the only group of men that prefer other women to their own. They’ve researched this using online dating stats. While men tend to be more open to dating outside of their race than woman. Black men are the only ones who prefer it the most and by a wide margin. Only 10% of Black men will have a preference for Black women only.

      For Whites and Asians that number is in excess of 50%.

      1. Espnzone77, please post the citation where you got those stats so that I can read it. Hopefully, you’ll post the website address. Thank you.

        Well, why is that true? It’s the effects of slavery and Jim Crow. Words are tool for evil or good just like a knife or a hammer? Words can smash like hammer, cut like a knife, comfort like a pillow, bind like cement, build like bricks or lift like the rising tide.

        The truth is that words do make a difference. Words and the images they represent have been used throughout our history in America to give many of us a slave mentality. Our hair has been called “nappy,” our lips “thick,” and our noses “wide”–all of which are now pejorative, negative terms. On the other hand, European features have been given positive connotations. Their hair is “silky,” their skin “fair,” and their features “keen.” Tragically, it means the straighter, the longer, the better–the more European-like, the better. Think of what a different society we would have if European features were given pejorative terms and African features were given positive terms. They would have “pale skin,” “stringy hair,” and “pointed features.” We would–and I hasten to add do–have “strong hair,” “broad noses,” and “full lips.”

        Are you familiar with the “the doll experiment by Dr. Kenneth Clark”? If not, Google it and articles associated with it. The doll test/experiment was done after the year 2000 and the results are the same. There is a great amount of self-hate and self-loathing among African Americans and this seeps into children from societal cues (words and images) in TV, radio, music videos, parents, siblings, peers and even with the N word, etc. The self-hate and self-loathing among African Americans (a product of the wide and deep history 350 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow that keeps on “giving”) is wide and deep.

        So, just as in the the doll experiment, the black children prefered the white doll to the black doll, it “makes sense” that a black man–particularly a rich one–would prefer a white (or other than black) woman to a black woman. He can afford the best house, the best wine, the best car so he wants (and can afford) the best woman to go along with it. Well, black self-hate and the adoption of European standards of beauty means that the best woman will have “fair” (pale) skin, an aquiline (pointy) nose, long “silky” (stringy) hair and thin lips and not dark skin, wide (broad) nose, nappy (strong/tightly coiled) hair and thick/big (full) lips.

        Steven Biko said that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. How true. How true.

  3. She’s not even that cute. And I only watch Sam & Cat because of Ariana Grande (don’t judge me)

  4. Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for either of them — especially him. He chased after white and it blew up in his face. He found out out that white shit stinks just as much as black shit. And i don’t apologize for being so harsh about it. What a sucker.

  5. When he signs that future contract, she’ll be back. Watch. Andre is a beast man. He is gong to be broke off after that rookie deal is up.

  6. Yes, tame ass pics.I find it kinda sad that she threw him under the bus the way she did.He seemed like he was being genuine with her so why lead him on?I really think she’s just trying to save her White privilege though.If she was never serious about their relationship, why would she even kiss let alone make-out with him in the first place?

    This is definitely damage control.

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